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Toyota Big Data Center China officially launched

From:Internet Info Agency 2020-11-09 17:12:08

IIA was informed that Toyota officially launched Toyota Big Data Center China based on AWS. It is developed by Toyota Connected (Beijing) Technology Development Co., Ltd.

It is reported that Toyota Big Data Center China can store and process dozens of terabytes of data generated by tens of millions of Toyota vehicles every day during the driving process, promoting the large-scale implementation of Toyota's Internet of Vehicles solutions in the Chinese market. Through the storage and analysis of massive data, Toyota Big Data Center China can provide users with various innovative services, such as helping drivers use cars more safely, and helping car owners obtain car insurance discounts based on driving behavior data.

In 2019, Toyota's annual sales in China exceeded 1.62 million, and the number of vehicles in the Chinese market exceeded 11.15 million. Massive driving data has become a lot of precious evidence. Toyota Connected hopes to prepare for a stable, reliable and efficient Internet of Vehicles service system by building a data lake and a management platform for real-time storage, processing and analysis of these data.

To this end, starting in 2019, Toyota Motor has provided DCM as standard for all newly listed cars, and successfully realized that all vehicle data is transmitted to the back-end car networking system with the user's consent. The official launch of Toyota Big Data Center China means that with the help of the AWS technical expert team, Toyota Interconnect completed the development and deployment of this project in a short time.

In recent years, as new generation information technologies such as cloud computing, big data, and artificial intelligence have accelerated their integration with the automotive industry, traditional car companies have gradually moved from manufacturing companies to digital and intelligent manufacturing companies. Toyota Motor's Toyota Big Data Center China officially launched in the Chinese market at this time, which undoubtedly can add to its development in the Chinese market.

Editor:Yuan Honglei