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Dongfeng Nissan: Expected to reach millions of sales before 2021

From:网通社 2020-11-30 17:40:09

This year is a very special year. Sales in the global auto market have been affected by the epidemic and have declined, but only the Chinese market has shown a rebound trend after the first wave of the epidemic. As the last auto show this year, the Guangzhou Auto Show can be regarded as the best time to summarize this year.

In this year's Guangzhou Auto Show, Dongfeng Nissan, as the first exhibition after the brand renewal, created the first real-car dynamic experience space "Dare to create new Nissan world" in China, and also showed a more dynamic and younger brand image . In this auto show, IIA conducted an interview with Mr. Chen Hao, assistant general manager of Dongfeng Motor, vice president of Dongfeng Co., Ltd., and deputy general manager of Dongfeng Nissan.

Chen said: "The overall environment of the global market this year is relatively special, but Dongfeng Nissan still maintained a 7-month growth, mainly because Dongfeng Nissan responded quickly to market changes and has always maintained a sensitive sense of the market."

At the Guangzhou Auto Show, the slogan "Dare to create new Nissan world" on the booth of Dongfeng Nissan allowed consumers to see the other side of the new Nissan brand.

Nissan has given a brand new meaning to each zone and injected it into the brand concept. At the same time, it also builds a real, natural, and vital future smart travel world for users. In addition, every link in the five major zones allows users to feel Nissan's heartfelt service and the core concept of embracing customers.

In addition, “dare to do” is the performance of conforming to the trend of the times and respecting the changes in the industry. Facing the trend of the “new four modernizations” of automobiles, in order to establish a competitive advantage in the field of mobility, Dongfeng Nissan took the lead in launching the brand, relying on five major technologies to accelerate the launching of "Nissan Intelligent Mobility", with the image of "Leader of Intelligent Car Life", comprehensively leads the automotive industry into a new stage.

Today, Nissan has fully mastered the core technologies in product design, such as VC-TURBO, e-POWER and Zero Emission, the three major power technologies of Nissan pure electric. It is expected that by 2021, in addition to the Ariya, Dongfeng Nissan will launch two new models equipped with e-POWER and VC-TURBO respectively.

Among them, e-POWER, as an unprecedented fusion innovation power invented by Nissan, is powered by gasoline and full-time electric drive. With the agility, smoothness and strong acceleration performance of a pure electric car, and no need to charge, the technical advantages will solve the pain points of consumers' mileage anxiety, which also brings good market opportunities for e-POWER.

Chen also said: "The demand in China for intelligent network connection is increasing, and the Nissan Connect car network system is a relatively advanced system among joint venture car companies. It has been iteratively upgraded 32 times and the number of system access users exceeds 2 million. As an intelligent system integrating voice control of vehicles, remote control of vehicles, on-board online services, remote real-time monitoring, full-time online navigation, and online audio-visual entertainment, it will provide a more convenient and interconnected travel experience. In addition, by 2024, there will be nine Nissan Connect models for the market. "

Author: We can see that Nissan is very concerned about the development of the Chinese market, especially in the "new four modernizations" era, Nissan to meet the changing market by itself. In addition, Nissan’s just-launched five areas are also from the perspective of users, hoping to let customers feel Nissan’s care and love through services.

Editor:Zhao Chun