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Evergrande Hengchi 1 official pictures unveiled

From:Internet Info Agency 2020-12-07 17:28:59

IIA obtained the official image of Evergrande Hengchi 1. The new car adopts a two-color body design and a slip-back shape. The overall design is similar to the official image previously exposed. Hengchi 1 is positioned as a pure electric luxury D-class sedan with a wheelbase of 3150mm. The new car will start trial production in the first half of next year and achieve mass production in the second half.

In terms of appearance, the front face of Hengchi 1 adopts a closed design. The long and narrow headlights have built-in dot-matrix light strips, and the through-type chrome strips connect the headlights on both sides. The front face has an overall sense of layering, and the black lower grille and front bumper increase the sense of movement.

The side of the body adopts a slip-back design with a 3,150mm wheelbase, which is very aesthetic. Hidden door handles and 22-inch wheels add visual impact. The main body of the car is made of bronze, and black is added up and down. The double color-blocking body makes the new car more luxurious.

The rear part of the car is relatively simple, the through-type taillights and the front face echo each other, the sliding C-pillar outlines the trapezoidal shape of the tail window, and the high-position brake light with a sense of design makes the whole unique.

It is reported that the Shanghai and Guangzhou production bases of Evergrande have entered the installation and commissioning stage and have started trial production. It is planned to start mass production in 2021. In terms of capacity scale, Evergrande will build an intelligent manufacturing base in accordance with Industry 4.0 standards, with a planned total annual output of 1 million vehicles by 2025 and a planned total annual production capacity of 5 million vehicles by 2035.

Editor:Liu Anze