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The first batch of 100 Xpeng G3 arrives in Norway

From:Internet Info Agency 2020-12-08 18:02:46

IIA learned that Xpeng's first batch of G3 has arrived in Norway. In September this year, 100 Xpeng G3s were sent from Guangzhou to Europe. It is reported that the first batch of Xpeng G3 will be delivered in mid-December, with a starting price at 358,000 Norwegian kroner.

Xpeng G3 is very popular in overseas markets, and price, functions, and cruising range can be taken into account. The Xpeng G3 NEDC sold in Norway has a range of 520 kilometers and a battery pack capacity of 66.5kWh. In addition, these new cars are also equipped with CHAdeMO DC fast charging ports and AC Type 2 charging ports.

Xpeng G3 has been adapted and optimized for the European and Norwegian local markets in terms of hardware and software in order to comply with relevant regulatory certification standards. Among them, the European version of Xpeng G3i retains the super-automatic parking assist function, and in terms of in-vehicle intelligent systems, Xpeng Motors Xmart OS has been adapted to English and supports English speech recognition.

Editor:Liu Anze