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WM's new smart BEV SUV with L4 autonomous driving unveiled

From:Internet Info Agency 2020-12-09 13:30:47

IIA learned that WM's third new smart pure electric SUV was unveiled at Baidu's "2020 Apollo Ecological Conference". This model was developed by WM in depth in collaboration with Baidu’s Apollo platform. It has L4 autonomous driving capabilities in specific scenarios and is scheduled to be launched in 2021

The new car adopts the design language of the EVOLVE concept car, with a closed front grille and a through-type light strip, which stretches the horizontal visual effect as a whole. On the side of the body, the car uses a simple design style, and the hidden door handle effectively reduces the drag coefficient.

According to the official introduction, the new car will adopt a brand-new electronic and electrical architecture, take the lead in carrying the world's first Cloud AVP, and possess L4 autonomous driving capabilities in specific scenarios. The user only needs to park the car at the entrance of the parking lot, and the vehicle will automatically drive into the parking lot under unmanned conditions to find and park in a parking space.

The new car is equipped with the first 7-nanometer process technology car-grade Qualcomm 8155 chip, 5G baseband, and Weimar Motors self-developed autonomous driving domain controller. The entire car deploys 22 sensors, including five 77GHz millimeter wave radars, 5 cameras and 12 An ultrasonic radar. In addition, WM also announced that it will implement functions such as L3 autonomous driving on open roads through OTA in 2021.

Editor:Liu Anze