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Mass production of Lynk & Co ZERO concept reached 100km/h within 4s

From:Internet Info Agency 2020-12-14 16:43:21

IIA has learned that Lynk & Co’s ZERO concept mass-produced car has fully started dynamic performance testing and calibration at the China Automobile Salt Lake Test Field, including professional tests such as elk testing and track performance testing. This also means that Lynk & Co's ZERO concept is getting closer and closer to mass production.

The ZERO concept mass-produced car is Lynk & Co’s first pure electric car, based on the SEA framework. The car has a 700km cruising range and an outstanding performance of 50:50 weight equipment. At the same time, according to the previously announced plan, the car will be formally hit the market in 2021.

In terms of appearance, the car is based on the family-style urban oppositional aesthetics, inspired by the neon photoelectricity of the city at night, and designed a bolder photoelectric mapping aesthetics, giving the whole car a more futuristic sense of technology.

The car uses a flat design of the dawn logo, highlighting its unique identity. In addition, the through-type grille trim is integrated with the photoelectric dot matrix headlights on both sides, and the front camera is hidden in it. While increasing the horizontal visual width of the car, it also gives the front end of the car a stronger sense of integrity.

At the rear, Lynk & Co’s classic energy crystal taillights are upgraded to energy blade taillights, which not only enhance the visual impact, but also make the car sportier. At the same time, the taillight can also communicate with other vehicles through different light arrangements, highlighting its overall sense of technology.

In terms of acceleration test, the car can accelerate from 0 to 100km/h within 4 seconds. With the excellent chassis tuning and the inherent low center of gravity advantage of electric vehicles, the car has a super running General driving pleasure. At the same time, in addition to the acceleration test, the brake and suspension supportability, steering accuracy and other details must be tested and adjusted in the test field to improve the overall dynamic performance.

In addition to the normal dynamic performance of the vehicle, the safety test of the emergency avoidance of the vehicle is also essential. The elk test is carried out in a well-conditioned test field to judge the comprehensive ability of the vehicle. The Lynk & Co ZERO concept mass-produced car finally passed the elk test with a score greater than 80km/h, which has a very good handling performance.

In terms of smart technology, the ZERO concept mass production car is equipped with the new Lynk Pilot automatic driving assistance system. The system uses two Mobileye's latest system integrated chip (SoC) EyeQ®5H drivers, and is equipped with a surround vision system and autonomous driving decision-making and navigation technology.

At the same time, the car will provide consumers with an extended function package to meet different autonomous driving scenarios, including highway driving based on navigation systems, use between highways, and on urban arterial roads and suburban areas, providing more convenient travel experience to more consumers

ZERO concept is of extraordinary significance as the first pure electric vehicle of Lynk & Co. This also determines the development direction of Lynk & Co in the future with features of luxury, intelligence and performance. The purpose of this dynamic test is to have better performance after mass production, to make an electric car that is interesting and most suitable for young people. It is not just a tool, but a "big toy" with tool attributes.

Editor:Pu Zheng