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BYD Qin PLUS interior will be revealed on December 23

From:Internet Info Agency 2020-12-21 17:32:40

IIA learned that BYD Qin PLUS will officially announce the interior on December 23. The car has previously released an official interior image, adopting the BYD Heart vertical and horizontal heart design and embracing concept as a whole. In terms of power, the new car is composed of a 1.5L engine + electric motor. According to previous declaration information, its comprehensive fuel consumption is 0.7L/100km.

The three-spoke multi-function steering wheel is designed with a flat bottom, which adds a sense of movement to the vehicle. Black decorations are added to the air-conditioning outlets and shifting areas, which echo the black decorations on the center console and increase the integrity. Qin PLUS adopts integrated sports seats with many delicate stitches. At the same time, taking into account the ergonomic design requirements, the wrapping and support have been improved.

The interior of Qin PLUS adopts BYD Heart's design concept of vertical and horizontal hearts. The decorative lines of the central control are very atmospheric, and the flowing water-like design adds many elements that run through the lines, and the overall sense of hierarchy is strong. The instrument panel uses a floating screen, which is very futuristic. At the same time, the center console of the new car is equipped with a 12.8-inch intelligent floating rotating large screen, which is highly advanced.

BYD Qin PLUS adopts the "Dragon Face" design concept, the headlights on both sides are three-dimensional and sharp and stylish, and the overall style is more stylish. In addition, the bulging lines on both sides of the cabin cover of this car injected a strong sporty style. The taillight adopts a through-type design, and a string of English letter logos are added at the top. In addition, the inverted trapezoidal license plate area also appropriately adds some layering.

In terms of power, the car is composed of a 1.5L engine + electric motor, with an engine thermal efficiency of 43%, and is equipped with Atkinson cycle, 15.5 high compression ratio, EGR exhaust gas recirculation system and split cooling technology.

Editor:Pang Shuo