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Audi reached multiple consensuses with China FAW and SAIC

From:Internet Info Agency 2020-12-24 12:00:19

IIA learned that Audi, China FAW and SAIC have reached a consensus that in the future, SAIC Audi products will be sold through the existing Audi investor network for sales and after-sales services. SAIC Audi is also actively preparing for the first product to be launched in early 2022. Prior to this, SAIC and Volkswagen planned to invest 4.13 billion yuan to upgrade the factory. It is reported that the upgraded factory will produce Audi A7L sedan.

Werner Eichhorn, President of Audi China, said: “I am very pleased that we can reach a consensus on vital business decisions. Strong local partners are an important cornerstone of Audi’s success in China. With a new sales layout, we help Audi in its global presence. The most important market provides a win-win solution for the next ‘Golden Decade’."

The model cooperating with SAIC is planned to be introduced to the market in 2022, and the first product is expected to be the SAIC Volkswagen Audi A7L. According to the previously exposed information, the mass production time of this car will be in January 2021. At the same time, the car is equipped with 19-inch and 20-inch Eagle III tires provided by Goodyear. The mass production time of this tire is the same. It is January 2021.

SAIC President Wang Xiaoqiu said: "We will work with the Audi brand to bring Chinese customers Audi products and services'in China, for China' with a future-oriented innovative concept. We will share opportunities and win-win development with our partners and become Practitioner and pioneer of Audi's new journey." It is reported that SAIC Volkswagen plans to produce 60,000 Audi A7Ls and 60,000 new Volkswagen sports utility vehicles each year.

In addition, in 2021, Audi will work with China FAW to expand the lineup of locally produced models to 12 models. In 2024, Audi will work with China's FAW to start production of the first electric vehicle based on the PPE platform. Qiu Xiandong, Director, General Manager and Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of China FAW Group Co., Ltd. said: “As a model of joint venture cooperation in China’s automobile industry, China FAW and German Audi have jointly created countless firsts and precedents. This partnership is a comprehensive partnership. The upgrade signifies that the two parties have entered a new stage of "full field cooperation" and "full value chain co-creation" in the new joint venture era."

Editor:Shi Rui