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Is Tesla biggest rival to HiPhi X?

From:Internet Info Agency 2020-12-29 18:28:54

The curtain of 2020 is about to fall. If you want to select top news in 2020, the launch of HiPhi X must be on the list. The unique door opening form, programmable intelligent headlights, and powerful electronic interconnection architecture, all these have earned enough attention by the world.

HiPhi, as a representative product of China's intelligent manufacturing, the price of its current version of 680,000 to 800,000 yuan also broke the record of the product sold by Chinese brands. Once HiPhi X was launched as a BEV SUV, people associate it with Tesla Model X. But for the author, after a deep understanding of HiPhi X, I think the launch of this new product is more likely a model leading the development of the autoindustry into a new era.

Just as Mr. Ding Lei, the founder of Human Horizons HiPhi, pointed out: “All companies in the transformation are new cars, and in the future there will only be Internet cars.” HiPhi X is focusing on “scenario-defining design, software-defining cars, and co-creating defined value” The three concepts redefine the automotive market.

Scenario definition design refers to design and development based on real use scenarios. The most obvious example of vehicle design is the car door. For example, the side-opening door used by Rolls-Royce starts with luxury and comfort and brings the passengers in the car the most elegant way to get off; Tesla’s Model X uses the gull Wing doors are based on the premise of convenience and science fiction. While the visual is cool, passengers can easily get on and off the vehicle.

The NT wing door entry and exit system adopted by HiPhi X combines the "essence" of side-by-side doors and gull wing doors, and amplifies their respective advantages. The front and rear doors of HiPhi X adopt a split design. The opening angle of the doors is close to vertical to the body, and the doors are frameless. The top wing doors are also innovatively added. At the same time, it supports full door electronic control opening and face recognition, Smart key, smart phone ID three touch-free access. Not only has the entry and exit of the vehicle become relaxed and elegant without having to bow your head, but the NT wing door has achieved innovation from the structure to the design. The visual beauty and practicality are perfectly integrated, and its unique opening method also brings a unique sense of ceremony.

In addition to the door, another design with a distinct scene definition is the lighting system. For example, the new generation of Mercedes-Benz S-Class adopts DIGITAL LIGHT digital headlights, while HiPhi X's PML programmable intelligent headlights use the same product from the same supplier as the former.

HiPhi X’s PML programmable smart headlights integrate 2.6 million mirrors of micron-level projection chips, infrared night vision cameras, independent computing platforms and other technologies. They have the ability to perceive the road environment and make independent decisions, and achieve beam accuracy. "Cut" delivery provides six intelligent lighting assist functions for vehicle tracking and concealment, driving trajectory prediction, lane departure prompt, blind spot lane change warning, low-speed steering assist, and active level adjustment.

In addition, Gaohe HiPhi X has added the ISD intelligent interactive light, which is composed of 1716 LED light sources to visualize information. In certain scenarios, it can intelligently display personalized expression images, and communicate with the outside world more accurately. . According to different driving scenarios, there are built-in dynamic interactive images, including forward collision warning, following car collision warning, intersection U-turn reminder, charging status display, vehicle lock reminder, remote control automatic parking display, pedestrian first reminder and other seven major driving scenes. Not only that, HiPhi X will also open light group editing permissions to users in the future.

The more important manifestation of the vehicle in the use scene is the driving level. The length, width and height of the HiPhi X are 5,200mm, 2,062mm and 1,518mm respectively, and the wheelbase has reached 3,150mm. A big guy can provide plenty of comfortable interior space. However, on the contrary, the size is too large will inevitably increase the difficulty of daily driving, especially in traffic jams / narrow roads and parking conditions will be more obvious.

However, HiPhi X is equipped with the world’s leading rear-wheel active steering system. Its turning angle can swing up to 10 degrees (plus or minus 5 degrees). When the speed is 40 km/h and below, the system can intelligently control the rear wheel and The front wheels deflect in the opposite direction, and the turning diameter can be shortened by more than 1 meter, with a minimum of only 11.6 meters. In common scenarios such as turning at intersections, parking and warehousing, even if the body length exceeds 5 meters, it can be flexibly dealt with. It can be in place with a U-turn on the two-way four-lane city, avoiding the trouble of congestion and the risk of scratching.

In contrast, in the current automotive market, Porsche Taycan is one of the few pure electric products equipped with rear-wheel steering system, but its left-right swing is only 5.6 degrees (plus or minus 2.8 degrees); the rear-wheel steering system of the new generation of Mercedes-Benz S-Class It is only on par with HiPhi X.

The term "software-defined car" is nothing new in the current new energy era. Many new power car manufacturers represented by Tesla have developed accordingly.

However, HiPhi X takes the "software-defined car" to its extreme. It is equipped with a dedicated HOA super-body electronic and electrical architecture, through the body, power, autonomous driving, smart cockpit, car-linked V-Box and central gateway six computing platforms With 562 sensors, 307 execution units, and Gigabit Ethernet connected hardware, it can process information generated by vehicles in real time and make analysis and decision-making, which can quickly and accurately understand user intentions. At the same time, it also has continuous learning ability and user habit perception ability. Vehicle-level personalized calibration, highly matching people, vehicles and environment.

HiPhi X, built on the HOA superbody electronic architecture, has powerful OTA upgrade capabilities. On the basis of unchanged hardware, through continuous independent learning and remote software iteration, it will bring continuous performance and experience optimization to users.

At the same time, HiPhi X builds software middleware to realize the separation of software and hardware and builds standardized service interfaces, and builds an open co-creation platform HiPhi Lab to open data to users or third-party developers. Through the "visual programmer" to mobilize the sensors and actuators on the car, allowing users to flexibly customize the vehicle, truly achieving a thousand people, highly personalized customization.

The term "co-creation" is particularly hot in 2020, and HiPhi X has effectively implemented it. HiPhiGo is the world's first emotional intelligent travel partner. It was jointly developed by Human Horizons and Microsoft. Unlike ordinary in-vehicle artificial intelligence, HiPhiGo implements vehicle intelligence, which can control vehicle hardware and software, including various scene cards and smart applications. HiPhiGo can also detect changes in the user's mood through various sensors in the cabin, and actively call various services such as audio, fragrance, and automatic driving, making the user's driving easier and more warm. HiPhiGo is versatile, able to draw, write poems, compose music, edit documentaries, and create more meaning and surprises for life. With its innate learning and creative abilities, HiPhiGo can continue to evolve, grow together with car owners, and truly become a smart travel partner that goes with you.

We will be more or less exposed to the current vehicle voice recognition function, but compared to the cold and simple voice operation command feedback, HiPhiGo has realized emotion. In voice communication, the machine voice will have emotional fluctuations, and it feels like communicating with a natural person. When the voice interaction system starts the small chat mode, the system can recognize the emotions of the occupants and intelligently select different emotions, so that the communication is no longer boring. In different scenarios, the length and style of the dialogue will be different. For example, when driving, the system language becomes short and the tone is relatively calm. When the DMS detects that the driver is fatigued, it will automatically access the voice chat to prevent the driver from becoming dangerous.

At the 2020 World Internet Conference and Internet Development Forum, Mr. Ding Lei, the founder of Human Horizons HiPhi, once said that in the face of the general trend of technological change, all companies are "newcomers". "In the future, traditional cars will no longer exist, and they will all be Internet cars. "

In the author's opinion, Mr. Ding Lei is very clear about the main competitor of HiPhi X in the future. It is not only Tesla, but is competing with traditional car companies and creating its own way of leading change.

Perhaps the biggest opponent of HiPhi X is only itself. It has the best interpretation of "China's new intelligent manufacturing". How can it defeat the last second, continue to lead changes through continuous evolution, and create a "combined" and different world is the key.

Editor:Lu hongwei