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HYCAN: Entering the second stage of development

From:Internet Info Agency 2021-04-28 18:13:51

On April 19, 2021, Shanghai Auto Show HYCAN, as a new energy brand, unveiled its new model Z03, and together with the 2021 new model of its first intelligent electric all-round SUV 007, it formed a product matrix that conforms to the HYCAN brand.

On April 20th, the author had an exclusive interview with Mr. Yang Ying, CEO of HYCAN, and conducted in-depth communication on relevant topics that consumers are concerned about.

What is the current development path of HYCAN? What has changed from HYCAN at the beginning of its establishment?

Demand for automotive products has changed. Consumers have shifted their focus from NVH, acceleration, and fuel consumption to smart connected cars, such as whether the space is comfortable and smart, whether it can be used for high-end digital applications, mobile communications, and ecology. HYCAN has been thinking about services, intelligent networked entertainment, expandability of autonomous driving, etc.

The first stage of HYCAN is to build the vehicle into an intelligent third space. In addition to being a mobile carrier, current automotive products must have a good experience in a static state, become a comfortable resting space, and at the same time should become an important energy carrier in outdoor car life and a good interface in digital life. This is how HYCAN considers how to develop the intelligent networked car in the first phase.

In the second stage, it is necessary to meet the integration of software and hardware, to connect online and offline experience processes and services, so as to achieve the scene-based car demand for "people, cars, and life". In order to meet the upgrading of these demands and provide consumers with better services, HYCAN must gather more resources.

In order to match the development of the industry, after launching the first product HYCAN 007 last year, HYCAN was looking for directions and resources on how to match the development demands of the second stage. Zhujiang Investment Management Group has the idea of expanding the space of intelligent networked vehicles, and the ideas and concepts of the resources of several parties are in line with each other. The new strategic investment shareholder has a forward-looking layout in big data, artificial intelligence, data supercomputing, data storage, etc., in addition to various fields of consumer groups, such as fashion service industry, new retail format, community service format, online and offline brokerage Both the human industry and the cultural industry for the people of the Z era have deep, extensive, and very successful operating experience. These are the precious wealth of HYCAN. It is necessary to quickly integrate into these scenarios, speed up the opening of relatively independent business sectors, realize the co-prosperity, co-connection, and co-connection of data, and finally build the vehicle into the best hub for connecting these sectors and data business. And the interface becomes the center of the ecology.

Will HYCAN take the so-called "asset-light" route in the future?

GAC Group has a very top-notch manufacturing system, control system, and supply chain system. These are very precious resources. HYCAN must first make good use of these resources. However, the current foundry model is not an "asset-light model", because the investment in research and development of intelligent networked vehicles is very large, and the research and development system is built by HYCAN itself. The investment in the core business of R&D technology is huge, and it is not a GAC asset in the traditional sense.

Later, at an appropriate point in time, HYCAN will build its own manufacturing system and is currently actively discussing this issue with shareholders.

How to understand the newly unveiled HYCAN Z03?

Z03 is a co-creation of HYCAN and EDG E-sports Club. With the Z era as the main target audience, Z03 realizes "good value and good use" cool play pure electric SUV. The function setting and positioning of the vehicle are all facing this part of the group. Including voice intelligent driving management system, one key to open the ADAS system. 180°+140° ultra-wide-angle front and rear seat layout, after the current rear seats are connected, a comfortable magical space of more than 2 meters is realized, and the variety and playability are realized; in terms of appearance and interior design, full consideration of the preferences of this group of people , The appearance refers to the “machine warfare” style, the interior is extended with anime and cool style, and the whole car shows the concept of cool play equipment from the outside to the inside. The 600km+ long battery life and the 220V V2X multifunctional power matrix allow users to easily realize the energy supply station for outdoor hiking and picnics, and further extend the life radius.

Because of the co-creation of EDG, we plan to launch a high-end customized version of EDG. The specific functions will be created by consumers and HYCAN together to meet more personalized needs. It is expected that by the end of the third quarter of this year, batch delivery to the market will begin.

What are the strong competitors for this car?

Currently, there are not many products on the market that are developed for the Gen Z group and combined with specific preferences. The positioning, pricing and configuration of HYCAN Z03's main model can replace many current fuel vehicle options because it meets the real needs of this part of the population.

After the launch, HYCANZ03 is expected to have 2-3 different endurance models, and more detailed information will be announced later.

What is the driving assistance level of HYCAN Z03?

This year, it is the first to realize the L2+ driving assistance function on the new car. It also has the ability to upgrade to L3 or even L4 in the future. These have been developed and reserved for the vehicle during the development. Of course, reservations will be made on the hardware according to different versions of the product, and users can directly upgrade through OTA in the future.

What is the naming rule of HYCAN's future products?

At present, HYCAN Z03 is actively carrying out the collection of car names. The users who vote for the number one will get the right to use the EDG version of the car for one year. In general, HYCAN adopts an open attitude in naming vehicles, as long as it meets consumer recognition, has a deep market memory, and conforms to the brand tone.

What is the future development plan of HYCAN?

The “third space” responds to consumers’ real demands for comfort, function richness, spaciousness, and needs for video conferencing, longer rest periods, and in-car entertainment. In intelligent networked electric vehicles, Both provide great convenience and possibilities.

In the next five years, HYCAN will launch the market with no less than one new product per year. Next year, there will be a luxury 7-seater MPV, and there will be product plans for smart and super cool coupes and B-class SUVs. In addition, when appropriate, unmanned products will be launched to fulfill the multiple needs of manned and cargo.

Summary: In the three years since HYCAN was established, it insisted on being user-oriented, and built a user community of over 30W+ through its first product, 007, and took the first crucial step for the brand. Next, HYCAN will break the single attribute of the automobile as a means of transportation from the ecological perspective, lay out all-scenario services for users and related smart industry chains, and drive the evolution of smart cars.

Recently, HYCAN signed an agreement with Shanghai Jiaotong University to establish a joint research and development center for intelligent connected vehicles, forming a model of joint production, education and research; and reached a strategic cooperation with the Chinese automotive smart chip company, Horizon Robotics, and the well-known intelligent driving system development company MAXIEYE. Relying on their respective leading technologies in artificial intelligence and autonomous driving, jointly explore and develop HYCAN's unique intelligent networked system products.

Editor:Huo Hongwei