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Passat finally upgraded, to be unveiled on Oct. 12

From:Internet Info Agency 2018-10-10 06:00:01

SAIC Volkswagen introduced the Passat, a mid-sized sedan, to China in 2011. Seven years have passed, this model is to be upgraded. Recently, IIA has learned from SAIC VK that the new Passat will be officially unveiled on October 12. The exterior appearance of the new car adopts a new design style. A full LCD dashboard is the biggest highlight of its interior. The new Passat offers a variety of power, including 1.4T and 2.0T (with high power and low power) engines, as well as PHEV.

The front end of the new Passat adopts Volkswagen's latest family design style, and the three-banner grille is decorated with strip-shaped chrome trim strips, which is sportier than the current model. The headlights are connected to the grille, and the chrome trim on the top and bottom of the grille widens the visual effect and enhances the texture of the new car.

On both sides of its tail, newly-designed horizontal LED taillights are adopted, and the logo and its English name are set in the middle. The trunk is equipped with long reflector strips on both sides, and a four-point radar is set at the bumper. In addition, the bottom of its tail is designed into a full width style, decorated with chrome trim.

The interior also uses a new design style, equipped with a full LCD dashboard in front of the flat-bottom three-spoke steering wheel. A large-size LCD screen is set at the center console featuring fewer physical buttons, making the new car interior of the new car more succinct than that of the current one.

The new Passat is equipped with 1.4T, 2.0T (with high power and low power version) turbocharged engine, of which 1.4T engine has a maximum power of 110kW, and the 2.0T engine has a high power of 137kW and a low one of 162kW. In addition, the new car also offers PHEV version, equipped with a 1.4T engine and motor. The maximum power of the engine reaches 110kW, and the maximum power of the motor is 55kW.

Editor:Wu Yin