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Changan’s restructuring to promote high-end brand

From:Internet Info Agency 2019-03-08 15:31:33

The launch of Changan Automobile's first coupe SUV CS85 COUPE has once again accelerated its process of high-end development. Before launching, Changan Automobile executive vice president Yuan Mingxue said in the interview with IIA, “The restructuring of the four major brands of Changan Automobile is currently in progress. Among them, the medium and high-end “AB” brand will be expected to hit the market soon. In addition, the Oushang brand will be merged with Changan Suzuki to become the second passenger car brand of the company.” Changan Automobile, which plans to innovate for the third time, is undergoing internal restructuring for clearer future layout.

Changan’s four major brands is reconstructing, new brand and new architecture will appear

In the third innovation and entrepreneurship plan of Changan Automobile, the company mentioned that it will optimize the brand structure under the overall strategy of brand promotion, and form four brands of medium and high-end brands (newly established), Changan Automobile, Oushang Automobile and Changan-Kaicheng (Kaicene in English). Among them, Changan Automobile is the main brand of the company and the first passenger car brand, Kaicene is mainly responsible for logistics, trucks and pickups in the future.

The upcoming “AB” brand is the medium and high-end brand of Changan Automobile, which is jointly built by Changan Automobile and its partners. It will become an “independent joint venture” high-end brand, which is expected to compete with brands such as Great Wall WEY and Chery EXEED. In addition, the “AB” brand will be built in new methods, new ideas and with new resources rather than traditional resources, and will put priority on new energy sector in the future.

Previously, the Changan Automobile Jiangning NEV plant has started construction. In the future, the plant will produce four series: the new compact sedan EV, the compact SUV EV, the high-end performance coupe EV and the high-performance crossover SUV EV. Among them, the first three series are based on the new model developed by Changan C601 platform that will become a pure electric high-end platform of Changan Automobile.

Changan Automobile has completely owned 100% stake of Changan Suzuki. Judging from the news received this time, the company plans to combine Changan Suzuki with the previous commercial vehicle (Oushang) brand to establish the second passenger car brand of the company. But in what form is still unknown.

Previously, Changhua Automobile President Zhu Huarong said: "Before the expiry of the joint venture contract in 2022, Changan Suzuki will not change its name. Changan Automobile will increase its investment and continue to operate." From now on, the combination of the innovative-oriented Oushang brand and Changan Suzuki will further optimize the corporate structure.

Changan CS85 COUPE will accelerate the high-end process of the company

Before the launching of the CS85 COUPE, Changan Automobile had already set a sales target of 70,000 units a year, which shows that the company is full of confidence. The car is the first coupe SUV of Changan Automobile, equipped with many intelligent configurations such as Tencent TAI car intelligent system, IACC integrated adaptive cruise system, APA 4.0 valet parking system, and it can achieve L2 level automatic driving. According to the plan, at the end of this year, Changan Automobile will realize the application of L2.5 level automatic driving.

What’s more, the CS85 COUPE is also the first model equipped with the Blue Whale 2.0T plus Aisin 8AT power. In the future, on the basis of consumer demand, the car is expected to launch 1.5T version or PHEV products .

Editor:Wang Lei