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Andy Ball joins BYTON as VP of project management

From:Internet Info Agency 2019-06-19 16:57:49

Following the participation of Dr. Andreas Schaaf as Chief Custom Officer of BYTON, BYTON Auto announced a new appointment.  IIA learned from BYTON official that Mr. Andy Ball officially served as the company's vice president of project management, responsible for promoting product development and helping BYTON deliver high quality vehicles on time.  His participation will further strengthen the company's senior management team and strengthen BYTON's global project management level, starting with the delivery of the first model M-Byte SUV, to achieve the goal of launching different products to the global market on the same platform.

Mr. Andy Ball has over 20 years of experience in automotive project management at Ford, primarily in R&D and engineering operations in Europe and China.  During his tenure at Ford, he led engineering development projects for several important platforms and models, and successfully launched a number of models in the Asian market, including Ford Taurus, Focus and Escort.  As Ford expands its business in China, he also helps the company build an international multicultural team to drive business growth.

BYTON CEO Dr. Daniel Kirchert said: "Mr. Andy Ball's participation is at the right time, adding a strong guarantee for BYTON's delivery of the first production model M-Byte."

 On May 30th, the first body-in-white made by the whole process of BYTON welding production line was successfully launched.  At present, BYTON has produced nearly one hundred engineering prototypes into various tests to ensure that each BYTON meets the highest safety and quality standards in China, the United States and Europe.

In addition, BYTON's first production model, BYTON M-Byte, will be launched globally in the third quarter of this year and will be mass-produced at the end of the year. The price range is expected to be 300,000-400,000 yuan, and will be listed at the end of 2019.  According to reports, BYTON has already received more than 50,000 customer appointments worldwide, more than half of which are from China.  In addition, the new car will be available in the US in 2020. 

Editor:Liu Nan