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New BMW THE3 made-in-China version

From:Internet Info Agency 2019-06-27 13:25:20

New BMW THE3 made-in-China version

AuthorHe Lun, IIA’s Co-Chief Content Officer, Deputy Head of IIA Academy of Auto

Automobile hot topic Q&A

The3 is BMW's best-selling model in the global and Chinese markets, and the seventh-generation The3 Chinese version is available. It has become the hottest topic in the luxury car market this year.


Q: The new The3 starts at 313,900 yuan. Many people think that the price is a bit high, which is higher than the starting price of the Audi A4L and Mercedes-Benz C-class. It is also several thousand yuan higher than the price of the previous generation The3. What do you think?

A: Compared with the Audi A4L 40 and Mercedes-Benz C 260L, the BMW 325Li has the better configuration. According to the information released by BMW, the extended version of the new 325Li has 7 upgraded configurations compared to the previous generation, and 5 new standard configurations. 


Q: Which of these upgraded or new configurations do you think are the most practical and valuable?

A: This time I went to Tianjing to attend the launch event of THE3 and had the chance to do the test drive. There are several impressive moments: the extra fluent AI voice communication, the quiet and peaceful driving experience, the quick reaction during adaptive cruising and lots of space between front and rear rows. 

Q: What is the comparison between the standard configuration of the new Chinese The3 and the The3 in Germany?

A: The German standard version is actually the basic version, starting at the price of 39,950 euros. 

Ordinary glass sunroof, extended LED headlights, electric adjustable seat with memory function, automatic air conditioning, parking assist, synthetic leather instrument panel, the price of these 6 configurations is 5780 euros, plus the base price of 39,950 euros. The total price is 45,730 euros.

These six configurations are standard for the 325Li made in China. The sunroof is panoramic, the seats are thickened and enlarged in China, and the wheelbase and body are lengthened. The price is 323,900 yuan, which is 34,400 yuan cheaper than the same model in Germany.

Q: Chinese Exclusive Configuration has become more and more popular for the auto giants. What do you think of BMW in the localization of models?

A: The5 and The3 already have the extended wheelbase version. The X1 is the first extended version of the compact luxury SUV, which is exclusive to China. The new The3 not only has a Chinese version of the exclusive seat, but also the metal glossy button is exclusive to China. Light blanket + illuminated welcome pedal, intelligent induction atmosphere light, synthetic leather instrument panel. These are standard configurations.

Q: There are some comments saying that BMW has done a good job on the appearance of the new The3. What do you think?

A: Many Chinese customers happen to prefer the luxurious vibe. Compared with two German rivals, “luxury” has always been a shortcoming of BMW, especially its simple interior. However, after the release of BMW's “Large Luxury Car Strategy” in September 2017, “Luxury” has been upgraded to the same level as “Power”. The design, materials and workmanship of the new generation of interiors have been greatly improved.

BMW is no longer just the “ultimate driving machine” but becomes the “luxury ultimate driving machine”. I feel that in the evolution of BMW, the needs of Chinese users have played a crucial role.

Q: Can the new The3 beat the competitors and be the king in the mid-size luxury car market?

A: It is very possible. Now The3 has focused both on power and luxury. The human-computer interaction system is also leading, and the rear row is so comfortable. It will attract many new customs who prefer the luxurious vibe and comfort. Next year, after the entry-level 320 and the top 330 are listed, as long as its competitors do not start the price war, the new The3 is likely to become the best-selling in the following years. In the global market, this is called "the return of the king."

Editor:He Lun