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China Auto Trending Hashtag| NIO Technology Company/ GWM Join Hands with WRC 2019

From:Internet Info Agency 2019-07-29 17:42:19

1. NIO Established A Technology Company in Beijing, Registered Capital of 7 Billion Yuan

July 24, NIO registered a new company named NIO Automotive Technology Co., Ltd. in Beijing with a registered capital of 7 billion yuan. Its registered address is Beijing Economic and Technological Development Zone. The business of the new company covers the development of new energy vehicles and related parts and components, the wholesale of auto parts, the import and export of goods, and the sale of automobiles. 

Its major shareholder is Nio Nextev Limited. The subscribed capital is 6 billion yuan, and the shareholding ratio is 85.71%.

In addition, the major shareholder also holds 100% of Shanghai NIO Automobile Co., Ltd., with a subscribed capital of US$2.5 billion, and it owns 25% of Shanghai NIO Financial Leasing Co., Ltd. The new company's business scope is "Technology development, technical services, technology transfer, technical consultation of new energy vehicles and related parts and components, wholesale of auto parts, import and export of goods, import and export agents, import and export of technology, sales of automobiles, etc."

Li Bin, the founder of NIO, said in an interview with the media that, after NIO China established, NIO will set two HQs both in Shanghai and Beijing.

2. Great Wall Motor Join Hands with WRC 2019

July 26, the 2019 World Robotics Conference kicked off at the Xushui Smart Factory in Baoding, Changcheng, Hebei Province. 

Prior to this event, Great Wall Motor (GWM) released the GTO intelligent strategy at its Haval R&D center in the city of Baoding. Wei Jianjun, chairman of Great Wall Motor, announced that GWM would work with China's eight major Internet giants to build a future "mobile robot."

According to reports, the Xushui plant of GWM is a highly automated one, and has a comprehensive investment and layout in terms of digitization. The logistics in Xushui factory workshop adopts the world's advanced SPS distribution method, by using material bicycle, intelligent picking system and AGV, to maximize quality error prevention and material on time.

The most attractive highlight of the GTO intelligent strategy is that GWM has gathered China’s three major communication operators, B.A.T, Huawei and Qualcomm. What’s more, GWM also announced that it would bid farewell to the traditional era of cars, and usher in the era of the "mobile robot".

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