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China Auto Trending Hashtag| Tesla Model 3 price/ GWM East China HQ

From:Internet Info Agency 2019-08-16 14:21:27

1. SAIC Audi’s first car to off the assembly line 3 months later

It has been 10 months since the construction of the SAIC Volkswagen MEB plant on October 19 last year. Since Volkswagen has laid out a new energy industry late, "when will the first MEB plant be put into production" is not only a matter of public concern, but also a close concern of Tesla and new car forces.

Within eight months, the main structure of the plant was basically completed. From the aerial photographs, it can be known that the various workshops of the factory have begun their roof sealing, and the construction of the main structure is almost completed. The parts connected to each workshop are also under construction. All equipment is scheduled to be fully installed in October, and the first prototype production vehicle will be officially off the assembly line in November.

At present, SAIC Volkswagen MEB plant has confirmed that it will produce three MEB models, one is the electric SUV concept car I.D. Roomzz, Skoda’s first MEB electric car Vision iV, and Audi's first MEB platform electric car Q4 e-tron.

2. Tesla rechange the price of Model 3, only can be booked offline.

According to reports, the pricing of Tesla Model 3 has changed again. The company announced that it will reduce the price of the cheapest Model 3 version by $400. This means that the price of the car has returned to its original price at the time of its release, which is $36,200. In addition, the car can only be booked through Tesla's offline store.

3. GWM’s East China HQ settled in Shanghai, focusing on hydrogen energy industry.

Recently, Great Wall Motor signed a cooperation agreement with the Jiading District People's Government of Shanghai. The Great Wall Motor East China Headquarters Base officially settled in Jiading District. According to the agreement, Great Wall Motor will set up a hydrogen energy industry headquarter, a car part and other innovative projects R&D center, a sharing travel East China headquarter and an intelligent network joint R&D headquarter in the East China Headquarters, and set up a project company in Anting.

Since China's attention and support for hydrogen energy vehicles has been rising, hydrogen energy vehicles are becoming a new direction in the industry. It is reported that the hydrogen energy industry of Great Wall Motor has started the research and development of FCEV core technology since 2016. In 2019, Great Wall Motor's hydrogen energy industry will also carry out market-oriented independent operations and establish the Weishi Energy Technology Co., Ltd.

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