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China Auto Trending Hashtag| Tesla Gigafactory 3/ ZTE-Chery 5G cooperation

From:Internet Info Agency 2019-08-22 15:41:02

1. Tesla Gigafactory 3 in Shanghai to be completed

According to reports, the construction of Tesla Gigafactory 3 in Shanghai is about to be completed, and obtained vital governmental certificate after completing inspection in record time before it is put into production.

Gigafactory 3 is Tesla's first manufacturing facility in China and the first electric car factory wholly owned by a foreign automaker. Building a factory in China can help Tesla avoid high import tariffs and quickly open up the world's largest new energy vehicle market.

2. GWM has completed the first used car export business.

It is reported that Great Wall Motor's wholly-owned subsidiary Changyou Haoche (Tianjin) Automobile Import and Export Co., Ltd. has completed its first single-hand car export business. The first batch of used second-hand vehicles will be sent to Cambodia, Nigeria, Ghana and other Asian and African countries.

The company is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Great Wall Motor, which invested 30 million yuan in March this year. In this July, after being registered in the Ministry of Commerce of the PRC, the company became one of the five companies in Tianjin that obtained the qualification of used car export. The completion of Changyou Haoche’s first second-hand car export means that Great Wall Motor officially entered the new segment of used car exports.

3. ZTE and Chery cooperate on 5G technology

Recently, ZTE and Chery Automobile signed a strategic cooperation agreement. The two parties will jointly study the application scenarios of 5G-based vehicle networking, intelligent manufacturing, smart campus and other business areas, and based on 5G network construction, 5G innovative application scenarios, program research and In-depth cooperation on relevant standards and project declarations will accelerate the development and commercialization of new 5G applications. In addition, Shenzhen Yingbo Supercomputer Technology Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of ZTE, has also formed a joint venture with Chery New Energy.

According to the agreement, ZTE and Chery will jointly explore the deep integration of technologies such as 5G, C-V2X, cloud computing and edge computing with smart driving, intelligent manufacturing and AR/VR. The two sides will cooperate fully in product development, production, testing, operation, service and management in the areas of autonomous driving, intelligent network components and systems.

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