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GAC Toyota will Bring in Hydrogen Vehicle before 2020

From:Internet Info Agency 2019-11-06 11:57:06

Recently, IIA got news that GAC Chairman Zeng Qinghong said in a recent visit and investigation at GAC Toyota that the company will introduce Toyota's most advanced hydrogen fuelcell vehicles demonstration operation at the end of this year and will build China's first 70 MPa hydrogen station in Nansha District of Guangzhou. GAC will also cooperate fully with Toyota in hydrogen energy development. To this end, IIA has verified it with Guangzhou Automobile Toyota, but no response received so far.

According to the source, Toyota's most advanced hydrogen fuelcell vehicle may be Toyota's Mirai. This means that Toyota's Mirai will be officially introduced to the Chinese market by GAC Toyota at the end of this year.

In fact, as early as 2016, Toyota Motor China business director Onishi Hiroji said that the Toyota Mirai fuel cell vehicle is currently being tested in China. In September this year, Toyota Motor has also reached strategic cooperation with GAC and FAW, and will comprehensively promote new energy vehicles and energy-saving car products, including hydrogen fuelcell vehicles.

Moreover, the GAC also mentioned in the announcement of the deepening strategic cooperation framework agreement issued on September 26 that the company will reach a comprehensive technical cooperation with Toyota. At the same time, it revealed in the announcement that in addition to the production of fuel cell vehicles by GAC Toyota, GAC's own products will also be equipped with Toyota's fuel cell technology.

At the just-concluded Tokyo Motor Show, Toyota officially released the second-generation Mirai. The new car is based on Toyota's rear-wheel drive platform, and by improving the performance of the fuel cell system and increasing the capacity of hydrogen storage, it can increase the cruising range by 30% to 644 km.

Editor:Liu Nan