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NIO's sales rose for 5-consecutive month, hit a year-high in Dec.

From:Internet Info Agency 2020-01-07 16:08:38

IIA learned from NIO on Monday that, in December 2019, NIO delivered 3,170 vehicles, an increase of 25% year-on-year, a record high for the whole year, and it was also the fifth consecutive month that NIO set a new sales volume. A total of 20,565 vehicles were delivered by NIO in 2019. Since the delivery began in June 2018, a total of 31,913 vehicles have been delivered by the entire brand.

In 2019, NIO delivered a total of 20,565 vehicles, and the December delivery reached 3,170 vehicles, of which the ES6 achieved 2,537 delivery in December, an increase of 22.7% from the previous month. Only 11,433 units have been delivered in just six months, and the 10,000-unit mark has been exceeded within six months. The ES8 delivered 633 units in December, an increase of 37.3% from the previous month, and a total of 9,132 units were delivered throughout the year.

This achievement is based on the improvement of NIO's service system. Li Bing, the founder, chairman and CEO, said: "From the past few months, we can see the true competitiveness of our products. Whether it is a medium to large SUV or a medium SUV, our market segment is definitely growing. And There will definitely be more competitors in this market. In the electric vehicle market, NIO's service system is definitely more complete. I don't think there are others who have better service capabilities than us. Comparatively, we have a competitive advantage. "

At the NIO Day held on December 28, NIO released its third new production model, the NIO EC6, which is positioned as a smart luxury electric coupe SUV. The price and configuration of the new car will be announced in July 2020, and delivery will begin in September 2020. The launch of the new car will further expand NIO's lineup, and also make its overall sales in 2020 expected to further increase.

Editor:Shang Zhengang