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Honda sales hit record high in 2019; how will it continue in 2020?

From:Internet Info Agency 2020-01-14 10:58:23

In 2019, thanks to the Chinese market and the concept of "paying for value", Honda's sales volume in China reached 1.55 million vehicles, a record high. Honda's products have been recognized by the majority of Chinese consumers in the context of the entire market's downturn in terms of used car value preservation, car performance, fuel economy, and quality reliability.

Although Honda has achieved significant results in the Chinese market in 2019, Yasuhide Mizuno, executive director and head of China, gave a more cautious answer to the 2020 sales target. Honda expects to maintain a relatively slow growth, but specific sales targets and growth rates have not been clearly announced. Under the premise that the global automotive market environment and the trend of the Chinese automotive market are not clear in 2020 and in the future, this answer is consistent with the cautious style of Japanese companies, and is the basis for making another great achievement.

What is Honda's product planning?

Honda's main highlights are PHEVs and HEV hybrid models of CR-V, Crider and Breeze, while EV models will continue to expand Honda's lineup. In the medium and long-term product promotion, Honda will carry out in order of HEV, PHEV, and BEV.

Honda's New Generation Fit (Overseas Version)

Honda Civic five-door model (overseas version)

As for fuel vehicles, the new Fit and Civic five-door models will meet Chinese consumers in 2020.

Hybrid is an important part of Honda, especially GAC Honda's electrification

GAC Honda's SPORT HYBRID was sold an accumulation of 66,686 units throughout the year of 2019, a year-on-year increase of 256%. Among them, Accord Sport Hybrid is the only hybrid model in the mid-to-high-end sedan market with single-month terminal sales exceeding 5,000 units, with annual sales of 42,102 units, a year-on-year increase of 125%, and it is firmly ranked as the top mid- to high-end hybrid model sales champion. In addition, since its launch in April 2019, the Odyssey Sport Hybrid was sold a total of 24,584 units in 2019, accounting for 55.3% of the annual sales of Odyssey models, and the highest monthly sales of the Sport Hybrid models reached 85%.

GAC Honda Breeze Sport Hybrid

GAC Honda will further expand its hybrid products. With the Brezze Sport Hybrid coming to stores in January, the Cride Sport Hybrid will also be launched this year. GAC Honda will complete a full hybrid lineup of "SUV + MPV + Mid- + Mid-and-High Class Sedan". I believe that the sales proportion and sales volume of GAC Honda hybrid models will further increase in the future.

How about Self-driving

Regarding self-driving, Honda and Baidu's "Apollo Project" collaborated on the promotion of some map information and other content. In terms of car sharing, Honda cooperated with Neusoft Reach (an innovation-driven hi-tech company specializing in electric vehicles, intelligent connectivity, automated driving and car sharing services), and jointly promoted with Neusoft Reach's funding. Especially in the aspect of the Internet of Things, Honda basically develops with external partner companies.

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