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FAW-Volkswagen ranks first in China in January

From:Internet Info Agency 2020-02-19 17:05:52

IIA obtained the passenger car sales data for January from the China Passenger Car Association (CPCA), of which FAW-Volkswagen sold 187,414 units in January (generalized passenger car sales), ranking first in sales nationwide. According to the plan, the company will also launch five new cars this year, including the eighth-generation Golf, CC hunting version, and Tayron GTE, which will help further sales growth.

It can be seen from the data that FAW-Volkswagen won the January sales with 187,414 units (generalized passenger car sales). Since the effective sales time in January before the Spring Festival is only 20 days, coupled with the impact of the NCP epidemic, it is not easy for FAW-Volkswagen to obtain such results.

During the epidemic, the company introduced five major measures including adjusting assessment policies, online marketing, and special warranty extensions, which are used to ease the pressure on dealers and better protect user rights. In addition, FAW-Volkswagen has donated a total of 40 million yuan to help prevent and control the novel coronavirus pneumonia epidemic.

According to the plan of the FAW-Volkswagen brand, a number of new models will be launched in the future. Among them, in the field of sedan, the eighth-generation golf will be launched this year, and CC will also launch a mid-term facelift. It is worth mentioning that CC hunting models will also be added. As for the SUV, a new Coupe SUV model will be launched in the next two years, and Tayron's plug-in hybrid version, the Tayron GTE, will also be on sale.

Editor:Zhou Yue