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Audi e-tron S Sportback prototype pics revealed

From:Internet Info Agency 2020-02-24 10:33:33

IIA received official pictures of Audi e-tron S Sportback prototype on Sunday. As a performance version of the Audi e-tron Sportback, the car's acceleration time from 0 to 100 km / h is only 4.5 seconds. The new car will be the first mass-produced model with three motors.

Exterior, the Audi e-tron S Sportback, is slightly different from the regular e-tron Sportback, with a distinctive slip-on shape. Unlike Audi's fuel S line model, the Audi e-tron S Sportback prototype does not have an extra exaggerated sporty design.

The new car is equipped with large, high-performance brake discs, and the "audi Sport" logo on the calipers is particularly conspicuous. In addition, the virtual rearview mirror on the e-tron Sportback has also been retained in the new car, which greatly improves the sense of technology and reduces wind resistance.

Interior, the Audi e-tron S Sportback adopts a 12.3-inch digital instrument panel, a 12.1-inch infotainment display and an 8.6-inch air-conditioning control screen.

The Audi e-tron S Sportback is equipped with a three-motor system with a maximum power of 320kW and a peak torque of 808N · m. In the supercharging mode, the net power is 370kW, the peak torque is 973N · m, and it can last up to 8 seconds. The acceleration time from 0 to 100km / h only takes 4.5 seconds.

In addition, the new car's battery capacity is still 95kWh, and it can be charged using a 150kW DC charging pile, which can charge the electricity from 5% to 80% in 30 minutes. The new car will also come standard with adaptive air suspension to make the vehicle easier to be handled.

Editor:Zhai Tong