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Nissan unveiled new logo

From:Internet Info Agency 2020-03-20 15:30:01

Nowadays, it is a trend for auto brands to change their new logo. Volkswagen, Toyota, BMW and other brands have used flatter logos. It is reported that Nissan is applying for a new trademark. The logo has given up the chrome appearance and three-dimensional shape of the existing logo and switched to a two-dimensional design, which is simpler and modern.

Nissan's new logo adopts the current flat design. However, the overall style has not changed significantly. The middle is still the English logo of "NISSAN", but the three-dimensional chrome outer ring has become a more concise flat line. This minimalist design can be seen on the new logo of Volkswagen, BMW and Toyota.

The Z series sports car will also be replaced with a new logo. The new logo still uses the letter "Z" as the main body, but adds a slash in the middle, which is very similar to the original 240Z car logo in 1971. In addition, the new logo is also fine-tuned on the outline, making the visual effect more lively.

It is reported that Nissan's new LOGO has been registered in the United Kingdom, Peru, Uruguay, Chile and Argentina, and is expected to be officially announced in April this year. The Nissan Z series sports car will also be replaced in the next year, and the new logo is expected to appear simultaneously.

Editor:Hou Minghao