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Roewe: Dual-logo pushes us towards high-end

From:Internet Info Agency 2020-05-19 13:07:29

During the SAIC Roewe Brand Day on May 10, the Roewe brand officially released the Dual-logo strategy, namely the new "R" logo and "Lion" logo. In the future, Roewe's dual-logo will appear in fuel vehicles and mid-to-high-end new energy vehicles to promote the Roewe brand to move towards high-end.

Yu Jingmin, deputy general manager of SAIC Passenger Car Company, further interpreted the dual-logo strategy. He said: "The new R logo represents the layout of SAIC Roewe's mid-to-high-end new energy vehicles, with new digital methods to try to 'full time online, high Transparency, one-click access, and experience commitment. The new "Lion" logo is a refreshing upgrade, more youthful, and the new lion logo represents Roewe's Internet car family, with younger, more dynamic, safer, and active purification Class label. "

With the release of the new R logo, SAIC Roewe's pure electric strategy has entered a new stage. Yu Jingmin said: "The new R logo is the exclusive logo of Roewe's mid-to-high-end new energy vehicles. We hope that R logo will bring a new experience to users from products to brands to new digital retail services." R logo refers to electrification. Electrification refers to BEV more on R logo. And PHEV, we put it under the brand new lion logo. "

In the future, the new R logo will adopt the intelligent design language created by SAIC Roewe for NEV, and will further expand the technological advantages of SAIC Roewe in the field of new energy and intelligent networking, and use technology to fulfill users' imagination of future travel life. At present, R logo's planned models include the flagship MARVEL series, car ER series, and SUV series. The new model will innovatively adopt a new battery architecture of "rechargeable, interchangeable, and upgradeable", bringing a long battery life and fast charging experience.

At the event site of the Brand Day, Roewe brought two new models equipped with R logo, the world's first full cabin interactive 5G mass production car Roewe MARVEL-R and mass production high-intelligence pure electric house sedan Roewe ER6. According to Yu Jingmin, both models will be officially launched in August this year.

In terms of service system, R logo will focus on building a new pattern of Roewe brand services. With the customer center, offline experience center and user online experience center as the fulcrum, an experience-oriented digital and caring service system will be established to provide consumers Convenient, standardized, transparent and guaranteed full life cycle services.

In addition to the R logo, Roewe’s classic lion logo has also been upgraded. In order to comply with the development trend of the Internet era design, the new lion logo adopts a younger design element on the basis of retaining the original main design, and the shape is flatter and more transparent , Simpler, more modern sense of science and technology, highlighting the high-spirited charm of the Chinese fashion.

Regarding the new lion logo, Yu Jingmin said: "The new lion logo is a new upgrade and younger. The new lion logo represents Roewe's Internet car family. It has younger, more dynamic, safer, and actively purifies the health cabin. Will continue to promote service upwards. "In addition, in the future, the new lion logo will focus on the changes of the times and user needs, deepen the fuel car market, and make more aesthetic and scientific attempts.

With the release of the new lion logo, Roewe RX5 PLUS also opened a pre-sale on May 4. Regarding the pre-sale of new cars, Yu Jingmin introduced: "On May 4, 1,231 orders were harvested on the online shopping platform in just 1 hour." He also revealed that Roewe RX5 PLUS will be delivered in early June.

In the follow-up product planning, in addition to Roewe RX5 PLUS, Roewe i6 MAX will soon meet with consumers. At the same time, Roewe also released the first MPV model at the brand day event, the Roewe iM8. According to Yu Jingmin, the iM8 will also be the first model of the Roewe brand equipped with Huawei HiCar vehicle system.

For this dual-logo strategy, Roewe obviously has been preparing for a long time. In terms of products, Yu Jingmin said confidently: "The products of R logo in the next three years are ready, and the accumulation of the Roewe brand for more than ten years is enough to support the brand's further improvement." But starting the dual-logo strategy is the first step. The construction of supporting services such as brand building and marketing is the top priority. As for whether Roewe's dual-logo strategy will eventually succeed, let us look forward to it. 

Editor:Bai Yunpeng