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Dongfeng Nissan: Second half, new-gen X-Trail will be launched

From:Internet Info Agency 2021-04-28 18:13:40

During the current Shanghai Auto Show, IIA interviewed Mr. Xin Yu, general manager of Dongfeng Nissan Automobile Sales Co., Ltd. Regarding Dongfeng Nissan’s product plan for the second half of the year, Mr. Xin said: “The Ariya, a mass-produced car that is particularly close to the concept car, will start pre-sales in the second half of this year.” In addition, he also revealed that the new generation of X-Trail must be launched in the second half of the year.

IIA: Speaking of the Shanghai Auto Show, what products do you bring to us first?

Xin Yu: When you come to our Dongfeng Nissan booth, you must first pay attention to the core focus model on our main booth, which is the new generation of X-Trail debuted in China today. This is our heavyweight product this year, and everyone should pay attention to it. At the same time, the brand new power technology that we will meet with you this year was also displayed on the booth, which we call the unprecedented e-POWER. At the same time, there is also the pure electric crossover SUV Ariya, which I met with you last year and will enter the Chinese market this year. Of course, those who are interested in electric technology and thermal batteries will also see formula electric and the development history of all electric models and all our mainstream models.

IIA: The lineup is powerful, with practical X-Trail and Ariya representing the future. Let's talk about X-Trail first. In fact, everyone knows X-Trail very well, but what are the unique selling points of the new generation of X-Trail? When is it expected to go public?

Xin Yu: Everyone is very concerned about this issue, let me briefly introduce it first. Everyone must be very familiar with the X-Trail. It is a representative of the hard-core off-road in our SUV. When it comes to X-Trail, we will all remember that it has conquered the three poles of the earth, the South Pole, the North Pole and Mount Everest. At the same time, the cumulative sales in China have exceeded 1.3 million units. After entering China in 2021, how can we use the new generation of X-Trail to meet the needs of the new generation of Chinese consumers? We still have to start from the needs of Chinese consumers. We found that in this relatively high-end SUV, our consumers have three core demands when buying an SUV, which will be combined with our three selling points.

First, they believe that buying an SUV represents freedom or their inner desire for freedom. Second, buying an SUV requires the car to look present and to have face, so that people can see that this car is good. The third is that life is under great pressure, work is also very tiring, the equipment must be abundant, and self-reward needs must be realized.

Speaking of the new upgrade of X-Trail, we have a code name within Nissan called Super X-Trail Project. The entire Nissan global investment for this car is more than 19 billion yuan in research and development expenses, which is a combination of global Nissan R&D centers and various multinational factories. For the newly built project, the design change rate exceeds 100%.

The chassis is newly upgraded, the new CMF-CD platform is upgraded, and the body uses a large number of aluminum alloys and high-strength steels. This is a very luxurious configuration, which forces a lot of laser welding to be used, and we are upgrading the body For the rigidity and noise control of the car body, we have made a lot of cavity casting rubber, and we do not stick damping pads, but do damping spray coatings, so the overall effect is very good.

This is just a foundation. How to meet the most confident needs of customers? The design of our X-Trail generation is called "natural self-confidence". The front face of V-motion3.0 looks very angry, looks very structured, very muscular, and can cross-country. At the same time, the newly built split headlights have a sense of science and technology, which makes you look at this car completely different from the front, and it becomes very angry. From the side, the whole body is very full and very muscular. At the same time, the body proportion is the best golden body proportion of SUV, which also improves the aerodynamics very well. Go to the rear and look at the integrated headlights, especially the distribution of the letters in the center, including the chrome-plated trim at the bottom, which highlights the off-road. This car will never forget the past, so we call it natural self-confidence.

The accessories in this car are very rich. Go in and see two large 12.3-inch screens, plus the 10.8-inch HUD flying screen on the glass, which is the largest in its class. The partner levers are all upgraded to automatic partners, which means that the armrest under the central aisle is floating, and the lower part is empty. Girls don’t need to throw high heels in the co-pilot when driving, boys can put messy things in while driving, and the partner lever is also very beautiful. The entire super smart driving function has also been upgraded. When it is an oversized car, it will be slightly off in the lane, so that the co-pilot does not feel oppressive.

Our voice control is also upgraded this time. For example, Hello Nissan, open the sunroof 1/3, open the right window 1/2, and adjust the temperature to cool/warm mode. Inside you can see a very obvious second-generation 4x4 smart four-wheel drive knob, five modes are dynamically adjustable, from smart, snow, off-road and other modes.

Speaking of the new generation of CVT intelligent continuously variable transmission. CVT is originally known for its smoothness and quick response. This time we strengthened it and expanded its gear ratio from the original 7:1 to 8.2:1, and added a centrifugal pendulum. The shock absorber and the circulation system of the double oil pump circuit are added at the same time, and the response is more rapid. With our X-Trail's original particularly powerful central differential lock, this off-road is even more powerful. The last point is that everyone remembers a triangle, our newly upgraded VCT300, the torque is dry to 300 Nm, the power is increased to 150kw, but the fuel consumption is below 5.8 liters.

IIA: In fact, friends who know X-Trail should know that the appearance in the first generation is too tough, and girls will not consider it. But the second generation feels that the change is a bit excessive. It seems that men are a little unacceptable. The new generation of boys and girls will like it. Can you tell us about the approximate time to market?

Xin Yu: It must be in the second half of the year, but I will definitely be as soon as possible in the second half of the year.

IIA: The research and development that I said just now spent nearly RMB 19 billion. It's just that the platform has made corresponding technological improvements for this car. How do you think about this?

Xin Yu: First of all, the X-Trail is a very important global model of Nissan. It is actually a research and development that combines all the elite forces of R&D centers in Japan, North America, China, and Europe. At the same time, due to the large number of Using aluminum alloy and laser welding, the global production and manufacturing system must also be completely upgraded. The upgrade of the manufacturing system in China has exceeded 900 million, so this is a car that is very worth investing in.

IIA: You mentioned just now that another car is the Ariya, and the other is the e-POWER. What role did we play during the transformation?

Xin Yu: Now that the country has a clear timetable for peaking carbon dioxide emissions and carbon neutrality, so I think the first one is that the country is now also very supportive of multiple power routes. The purpose is to better achieve the peak of carbon in 2030, carbon neutrality must be achieved by 2050 and 2060.

Then electric drive must be an unstoppable trend, which is beyond doubt. Now Dongfeng Nissan has adopted a parallel approach with two legs in response to the trend of electric drive. On the one hand, Nissan has genes to make electric cars, so we have been professional in making electric cars from the Leaf. The Ariya, a mass-produced car that is particularly close to the concept car, will start pre-sale in the second half of this year.

Second, we say that Nissan’s technical route is different from others, because Nissan’s electric drive is particularly strong, so whether it is pure electric or e-POWER, it uses an electric drive at the back end of the technology. The only difference is that one is stored in the battery, and the other is generated by an efficient internal combustion engine. These are two parallel technical routes. We predict that it will exist in parallel for a relatively long period of time.

So we had an e-POWER night in Shanghai yesterday, and we clearly told everyone that while Nissan is taking two technical routes, our reserves in the laboratory have been confirmed to be feasible, and the thermal efficiency of our engines has been Increased to 50%, and our 100 kilometers e-POWER fuel consumption is already lower than 2.67, so such low fuel consumption is also a very good electric drive technology route, because after all, the current charging facilities may not be complete, especially in the suburbs, so there is e-POWER technology, you can enjoy the experience of electric drive without the anxiety of charging.

IIA: I think this is based on the advantages of Dongfeng Nissan, so this solution was produced. You just said that X-Trail has very strong technical upgrades and upgrades, including the ability to pass.

Xin Yu: Yes. In fact, our Nissan has three lines in the field of intelligent power. Pure electric Ariya, e-POWER is closer to electric than hybrid, and another is the use of variable compression ratio in the field of internal combustion engines, so these three technical routes are complete.

IIA: So can we experience it at the Nissan booth this time?

Xin Yu: You can experience all the above mentioned. If you want to watch the new generation of X-Trail and Teana, if you want to watch e-POWER, we have a full set of technology demonstrations. In the second half of the year, this car will be equipped on Sylphy to meet you. , If you want to look at pure electricity, look at our Ariya.

Editor:Zhou Yue