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The revival of FAW Bestune is just around the corner

From:Internet Info Agency 2021-03-04 18:09:36

As the first batch of independent brands, FAW Bestune has expanded my country's self-developed cars to a new level. However, with the rise of independent brands such as Changan and Geely, and joint venture brands continue to seize market share, FAW Bestune timely realized the intensity of the market competition environment.

For this reason, FAW Bestune has made a series of brand-new changes from senior management, technology research and development to product upgrades. After a two-year adjustment period, the brand has taken on a brand new look. In the first month of 2021, the FAW Bestune brand sold 7,762 new vehicles, an increase of 13.3% from the previous month.

The growth in the first month of the new year is an affirmation and encouragement of the previous multi-faceted reform of the Bestune brand. The most important turning point for the brand was the huge press conference three years ago, which is still fresh in the memory.

The first step of revival, change from the inside out

On October 17, 2018, FAW Bestune released the "New Bestune" brand development strategy and officially launched the new LOGO "Window of the World". The release of the new Bestune brand marks a comprehensive renewal of the positioning and structure of the Bestune brand. First of all, the new Bestune brand is positioned as an "innovator of the Internet of Things car", achieving a brand renewal at the brand strategy level. Secondly, a large amount of investment in the Internet of Things has begun to stock Internet of Things automotive technology products.

The new "LOGO" optimizes the brand image and improves consumers' favorability. In fact, the logos of independent auto companies such as BYD, Great Wall, and Geely have undergone many changes before. This is because the early independent car companies were still busy developing models and had no extra energy in car logo design. When they realized the importance of LOGO, they would adjust it to reflect the brand's connotation.

Relying on FAW Group's strong technical precipitation, FAW Bestune lasted nearly five years to create an infinite equation FMA framework. The new architecture maintains the outstanding safety and control genes of the Bestune brand, and at the same time integrates the latest intelligent networking, driving assistance, health and other new technologies; more than that, it introduces the latest methodology in its development and has a better platform With the characteristics of modernization and modularization, it can meet the needs of users more flexibly, more diversely, and more quickly, and bring products with unlimited value requirements.

Create a new structure and continue to improve the lineup

One year later, in October 2019, FAW Bestune released the user service platform Tengyun·E+, two new car-building architectures FMA and FME, and four product line plans of "B, E, S, T" on the 2019 brand night, and The Bestune YOMI super APP was launched to build a full-service system for users.

Under this structure, the models launched by the brand have also undergone a brand-new transformation. From Bestune T77, T33, T99, and later Bestune T77 PRO, T99 sports version, the current Bestune T series has built a product layout from A0 to A and B SUVs to further seize the market.

Just a few months ago, the "new third-generation Bestune B70" based on the FMA architecture was officially launched in November last year. The new car adopts the new design concept "Light and Shadow Philosophy 3.0 Sexy Curved Surface", which has won wide attention from many consumers, especially young consumers. At the same time, when the modular architecture is popular, the FMA architecture also provides strong support for the competition of Bestune B70.

In the new energy vehicle market, FAW Bestune successfully completed its Bestune E01 debut in Shanghai in August 2020 and opened a blind subscription for it. One month later, it was officially launched at the Beijing Auto Show. It is reported that FAW Bestune will use "Bestune E01" as the "engine" to further enrich the new energy product matrix, and gradually increase the proportion of new energy models in the overall sales. So far, no matter from car, SUV or new energy vehicle market, FAW Bestune's product line has been gradually improved.

Post-80s executives, innovative marketing ideas

For car companies, having good products is only the first step to open up the market. In the face of competitors, companies must use effective marketing strategies to increase brand awareness.

The transforming FAW Bestune realizes its brand rejuvenation through the input of fresh blood. In May of last year, Wang Shengli of the 80s took over as the deputy general manager of Bestune Car Co., Ltd. and presided over Bestune's marketing work, injecting more vitality into it. At the same time, the brand also played cross-border marketing and successfully attracted a group of young fans.

More than that, at the end of last year, the third-generation Bestune B70 appeared on the cover of Harper’s Bazaar, and organized joint art exhibitions with art masters and young painters. The beauty of Chinese design was described in the concept of “light and shadow philosophy” and depicted One after another new chapters of the national tide, the brand style has been enhanced.

At the same time, Bestune T77 PRO, T99, and B70 will appear on the variety show "Running" as designated cars in 2020, attracting a large number of young and enterprising groups, which are highly compatible with the mostly young and enterprising users of Bestune.

The trendy marketing strategy is the continuous exploration of the brand on the road to rejuvenation, helping it to open up a whole new situation. However, at this time FAW Bestune still cannot relax its vigilance. At present, a new round of industrial reform has come. Facing the thorny track ahead, car companies need to spend more energy to fight.

Bestune adjusts its status in 2021 and starts again

Since my country has made it clear that new energy vehicles will become mainstream products in the future, more and more technology giants have poured into the car manufacturing team. In such a market environment, companies can only adjust their future strategic directions through continuous changes.

At the beginning of this year, the FAW Group proposed that the Bestune brand will become the key development brand for the group to enter the "14th Five-Year Plan" development stage after the asset integration, and "will officially release a new brand strategy in the second quarter of this year."

It is worth mentioning that Bestune T55 will be listed on the 16th of this month. The new car is the first SUV model under the FMA framework. The body length, width and height are 4,437mm, 1,850mm and 1,625mm respectively, the wheelbase is 2,650mm, and the power is provided with a 1.5T engine.

The exterior adopts the latest curved surface design similar to Bestune B70, and the interior features a technological atmosphere. The integrated screen design and the addition of the electronic gear handle directly enhance the sense of technology of the interior. It is understood that the new car will focus on the 100,000-yuan SUV segment.

In addition to the new initiative, FAW Bestune will also improve its technology in 2021. It is reported that it is expected to launch a micro-hybrid system consisting of a 2.0T engine and a 48V motor, further moving closer to the cutting-edge technology level.

Summary: The current complex and changeable market environment and rapid technological innovation have pushed my country's automobile industry into an era of change. Faced with unprecedented changes, car companies are also actively seeking a way out. In the past two years, FAW Bestune has made efforts in brand, product, marketing and other aspects. It is believed that through the accumulation of years of experience of FAW Group and its own, FAW Bestune is expected to seize the opportunity in the new round of reforms and return to the mainstream market to win the favor of consumers.

Editor:Mao Kaiyue