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Changan APA6.0 smart parking technology debuts in the world

From:Internet Info Agency 2021-03-03 16:44:08

In the context of the wave of automobile intelligence, Changan Automobile announced the completion of the technical debut of APA6.0 remote intelligent parking technology, marking that Changan Automobile has become a mobile intelligent platform and life partner in people's lives from a single means of transportation.

The power of technology always makes people feel magical and remote, but it can always infiltrate and change people's way of life unknowingly. Driven by the wave of intelligence, smart cars have become another epoch-making after smart phones.

In terms of automobile intelligence, Changan Automobile is at the forefront of the industry. On March 1, Changan Automobile officially announced that the company has completed the first technical launch of APA6.0 remote intelligent parking technology, becoming the first Chinese brand automobile company in the industry to realize this high-level autonomous driving technology.

APA6.0 remote intelligent parking technology

Different from the traditional car conference, this conference was held in the cockpit of a car. During the release process, Changan Automobile Chairman Zhu Huarong connected staff 18 kilometers away from the live broadcast venue to demonstrate in person the functions of APA6.0 remote intelligent parking technology.

The demonstration vehicle equipped with APA6.0 successfully completed a series of vertical, parallel, and diagonal parking operations under the remote monitoring of the staff, becoming the world's first remote automatic parking technology that breaks the distance between users and vehicles. "Users can realize remote intelligent parking and moving vehicles through mobile phones".

According to reports, APA6.0 remote intelligent parking technology can automatically find parking spaces within 30 meters of the vehicle. When the width of the parking space line is greater than the width of the vehicle 65cm, it can actively identify the parking space and complete vertical, parallel, and diagonal parking operations.

In addition, APA6.0 remote intelligent parking technology can detect pedestrians or obstacles in all directions through 12 ultrasonic radars, 4 surround view cameras, 5 millimeter wave radars, and 1 front camera. When the vehicle detects surrounding obstacles, it can actively stop the parking operation to avoid scratching.

It is reported that Changan Automobile will also launch APA7.0 and APA8.0 smart parking technologies in the future, aiming to realize HZP and AVP. The ultimate goal is to enable the user to let the vehicle find a parking place anytime and anywhere, and to call the vehicle from the parking place to his side anytime and anywhere.

Leading in the field of intelligence

The deeper reason behind being able to achieve the industry’s leading position in the field of remote intelligent parking technology is that Changan Automobile has been insisting on independent research and development for decades, especially since the start of the third venture, the promotion of the "Beidou Tianshu Project" Under the circumstance, we will unswervingly take the intelligent strategy as the top priority of future transformation and development, and have carried out many forward-looking layouts ahead of time, so that Changan Automobile gradually began to enter the harvest period after the huge investment.

For example, at the level of autonomous driving, Changan Automobile has completed the popularization and application of L1 level driving assistance technology, and the L2 level autonomous driving core technology IACC has been mass-produced in China. It has been installed on products such as CS55, CS85 COUPE, and new CS95. L3 limited autonomous driving is in-depth Research in 7 fields, including system engineering, environmental perception, central decision-making, functional safety, human-computer interaction, test evaluation, and control execution, has achieved eight core functions. At present, L3 autonomous driving has completed mass production experience in 2020.

In terms of intelligent networking, Changan Automobile has fulfilled its promise of 100% networking of all new cars by 2020. The first domestic release of Smart Voice 3.0-"Xiao'an" Smart Voice Secretary, which equipped with functions such as active wake-up, personalized settings, voice interruption, sunroof control, etc., is currently installed on models such as the CS95 and the new CS75.

At the industry level, Changan Automobile took the lead and participated in the formulation of 21 national and industry standards for intelligent networked vehicles, filling the gaps in national policies and industry development normative classification. At the same time, Changan Automobile has also continuously strengthened the construction of the Beidou Tianshu Alliance and continuously expanded its circle of friends. It has successively established Wutong Auto Union and China Auto Chuangzhi Technology Co., Ltd. with partners to build a sustainable intelligent industry.

Summary: As one of the notable achievements of Changan Automobile's intelligent R&D, APA6.0 remote intelligent parking technology brings a disruptive experience to users by integrating cutting-edge technologies into daily parking scenes. It is undoubtedly the best interpretation of the Changan brand "Technology Changan Smart Partner".

Following the increase in sales in 2020, the sales of Changan Chinese brand vehicles exceeded 200,000 in January this year, reaching 200737 vehicles, a year-on-year increase of 93.2%; Changan Chinese brand passenger vehicles sold a total of 153,424 new cars in January. Vehicles, up 92.5% year-on-year. It is believed that with further breakthroughs in the fields of intelligence and technology research and development, Changan Automobile still has strong momentum in sales growth.

Editor:Yuan Honglei