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Huawei HiCar smart car system enters the final test

From:Internet Info Agency 2020-05-21 13:31:01

According to reports, BAIC Blue Valley said on the investor interaction platform that Huawei HiCar technology has been carried on the final test of related products. As a new in-vehicle intelligent interactive solution, Huawei HiCar has cooperated with hundreds of car models in a number of car companies. With the final testing stage coming, the time for Huawei HiCar to formally mass-produce applications is approaching.

According to the official definition, Huawei HiCar is Huawei's smart car solution. This is not a pure car operating system, but a car-machine mobile phone interconnection program with a smart phone as the core. You can understand it as an upgraded version of CarLife or CarPlay. However, unlike CarPlay and CarLife, which are based on mobile phone function projection screens, HiCar can enable the deep integration of mobile phones and vehicles while casting screens.

In September 2017, BAIC New Energy and Huawei signed a strategic cooperation agreement. The two parties carried out comprehensive cooperation in technology research and development, product innovation, etc. The scope of cooperation includes cloud computing, Internet of Vehicles, and energy Internet. In 2018, the two sides signed a framework agreement on deepening strategic cooperation. At present, the cooperation between the two parties has made substantial progress, and the product has entered the "countdown".

As of now, Huawei has announced that it has cooperated with many car companies on more than 100 models. It is reported that Huawei's HiCar technology will appear in BYD Han's mass-produced cars in June this year, and then will be installed on about 30 different car brands.

Editor:Liu Ke