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HYCAN 007 delivered, and first experience store will settle in Shanghai in June

From:Internet Info Agency 2020-05-21 16:22:11

GAC NIO HYCAN's first mass-produced model, HYCAN 007, has been rolled out recently. It is reported that the first car of HYCAN 007 has been officially delivered to the first owner, and the delivery of the new car also marks the official entry of GAC NIO into the comprehensive delivery stage. According to reports, the brand is currently accelerating the construction of channels, and the first HYCAN experience store is expected to officially open in Shanghai in June.

The "HYCAN" general warehouse delivery center has also been officially opened, and provides vehicle delivery support for all delivery channels. It also provides a series of services such as delivery, licensing, power-up, and car washing. In addition, GAC NIO can also match customized delivery solutions according to the actual needs of different users. Moreover, GAC NIO also provides free door-to-door service and personalized customized delivery service to bring more convenient services to consumers.

In order to meet the experience of more users, GAC NIO is accelerating the construction of channels. The first HYCAN experience store is expected to open in Shanghai in June.

In terms of after-sales outlets, GAC Wei is currently promoting the construction of more than 30 after-sales outlets, which will cover Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Beijing, Tianjin and other cities. This year, the offline service outlets will be gradually expanded to 100, and provide one-stop after-sales service guarantees such as daily maintenance, fault repair, road emergency rescue, and door-to-door delivery.

Regarding the charging piles that consumers are most concerned about, GAC NIO will provide every vehicle owner with free HYCAN intelligent AC charging piles and free installation services within 30 meters, and users who place an order before July 10 can extend it to 50 Meter. At present, the exclusive pile has completed the first round installation of the internal test vehicle.


The overall shape of HYCAN 007 is stylish and individual. The closed front face is matched with the headlight group with the number "7" as the element, which has a strong recognition. In addition, HYCAN 007 jointly launched 6 color schemes to bring users more choices for car purchases.

HYCAN 007 uses a permanent magnet synchronous motor, and the battery uses NCM811 batteries from the Ningde era. Depending on the model, the battery capacity and cruising range are also different. Among them, the battery capacity of the BASE version is 73 kWh, and the PLUS and TOP versions are 93 kWh.

In terms of battery life, the mileage of BASE version NEDC is 523 kilometers, and the PLUS version and TOP version are 643 kilometers. The fast charging time of the two versions of the power from 30% to 80% is 33 minutes and 35 minutes, respectively. In addition, the new car also supports external discharge, which can achieve V2V (car-to-car recharge) and V2L (provide 220V power supply).

Editor:Liu Nan