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New BEIJING-EU5 will be launched in July with a new LOGO

From:Internet Info Agency 2020-06-03 17:10:05

IIA learned from BEIJING: The new BEIJING-EU5 has already started accepting reservations. The new car adopts the new "BEIJING" logo, while upgrading the interior, interaction, comfort, performance and other aspects, and the product power is further improved. At present, the new EU5 can be booked in Beijing. In addition, the new car will hit the market in July.

The biggest difference between the new EU5 and the current model in appearance design is the use of the new "BEIJING" logo. At the same time, the iconic details such as the fully enclosed front grille and double C-shape LED daytime running lights are consistent with the current model.

In terms of interior, the new car also adopts the same design style as the current model. The 12.3-inch full LCD instrument and 9-inch suspended central control screen can link to display multimedia, navigation, voice control and other functions. At the same time, according to the official introduction, the new EU5 will upgrade the car machine system, add "expected arrival time" to the navigation, and optimize the voice assistant to provide users with a smarter car experience.

In terms of configuration, the new EU5 will be equipped with a multi-link rear suspension as standard in the whole system, and the rear exhaust vent and electric lumbar support are added. At the same time, the new EU5 is equipped with an air purification system for the air quality problems in the car, and has passed the "CN95 certification" of China Automobile Research and Development, and has obtained the highest level of health cockpit certification.

In terms of power, the new EU5 will use the current power configuration. The maximum power of the permanent magnet synchronous motor is 160 kilowatts, the peak torque is 300 Nm, and the acceleration time of 100 kilometers is 7.8 seconds. In terms of battery life, the new car uses a ternary lithium battery pack from CATL. According to the battery capacity, the NEDC cruising range is 416 kilometers and 501 kilometers, respectively.

Editor:Bai Yunpeng