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Aion V officially rolled off, Level-3 automatic driving

From:Internet Info Agency 2020-06-10 13:49:54

Aion V is a new compact SUV launched by GAC NE. The new car has been pre-sold, and the pre-sale price after subsidy is from 170,000 yuan. Recently, Netcom learned from GAC NE that Aion V is now officially offline. As the brand's first compact SUV, the new car adopts GAC NE's new design language and has a powerful intelligent technology configuration, with a maximum battery life of up to 600 kilometers. It is reported that the new car will be launch on June 16.

GAC NE Aion V adopts a new family-style design language, and the front face is very cool. The official definition of it is the "mechanical beast" front face, giving a slightly offensive visual impact. In addition, the LED headlights adopt a unique split design. The layout of the internal lines makes the headlights extremely sharp and the overall shape also has a sense of science fiction.

On the side of the car body, the GAC NE Aion V has a full line of sideways. There is a chrome decoration strip from the headlights all the way to the C-pillar. In addition to the floating roof and the D-pillar, there are many personalized popular elements, all of which are reserved for people. I was very impressed. In terms of body size, the length, width and height of the new car are 4,586mm, 1,920mm, and 1,728mm, respectively, and the wheelbase is 2,830mm.

The new car also uses the Aion family design language, and the cockpit design makes the overall layout simple. The large suspended central passage design under the central control area is avant-garde and also widens the storage space in the front row.

The most powerful aspect of GAC NE Aion V is in the configuration of intelligent technology. The new car is the world's first 5G car, equipped with a 5G+C-V2X vehicle-mounted intelligent communication system and integrated with Huawei Barong 5000 5G chip. Compared with the current 4G, the transmission speed can be more than 100 times, and can also connect millions of terminals.

GAC NE Aion V is also equipped with iFLYTEK's latest generation of flying fish 2.0 natural voice system. The power of this system is that it not only has a very high recognition rate, but also can establish a database by the owner's dialogue. In addition, the new car will also be equipped with intelligent ADiGO automatic driving 3.0 system, AR intelligent navigation system and one-button remote parking.

Not only that, Aion V is also equipped with GAC NE's first Aion intelligent health cockpit, in addition to having an air conditioning filtration system that reaches the CN95 protection level, it also joined the Chinese herbal fragrance system for the first time.

GAC NE Aion V is equipped with a single motor system with a power of 135 kW and a peak torque of 350 Nm. In terms of battery life, the new car will launch three versions: 60 standard battery life version, 70 long battery life version and 80 super long battery life version, NEDC battery life is 400 kilometers, 530 kilometers and 600 kilometers. For the latest news about the new car, please stay tuned with IIA.

Editor:Liu Nan

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