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Changan released sales in July

From:Internet Info Agency 2020-08-11 14:32:27

IIA learned from Changan Automobile that its sales in July reached 164,931 vehicles, a year-on-year increase of 38.5%. The sales of Changan's Chinese brand vehicles in July were 123,548 units, a year-on-year increase of 49.9%.

In terms of specific models, sales of the CS75 series, Eado series and UNI-T exceeded 10,000 units in July, of which the CS75 series exceeded 20,000 units, and the CS55 and CS35 series exceeded 5,000 units in July.

CS75 was sold 21,358 units in July.

Eado Series were sold 18,735 units in July.

As one of the representative models of the Chinese brand boutique sedan, the sales of Changan Eado series are stable. In the market, Changan Eado series has achieved monthly sales of nearly 20,000 units for two consecutive months, proving that it is an excellent product.

UNI-T was sold 10,081 units in July.

As the first model of Changan Automobile's new UNI "Gravity" series, UNI-T not only sold 7,414 units within 10 days of its launch, but also achieved successful sales in July with its forward-looking design and intelligent technology configuration. Breaking 10,000 vehicles also made the first shot for the high-end transformation of the Changan brand.

CS55 was sold 7,575 units in July.

CS35 was sold 6,389 units in July.

Oshan Series were sold 9,993 units in July.

In addition to the hot-selling cars and models described above, it is not difficult to see from the sales data in July that the continued hot sales of Changan's Chinese brand models have contributed greatly to the sales of Changan Automobile Group, which represents the latest technological achievements of Changan Automobile. The sales volume of the “Blue Whale Family” model of the “Blue Whale Family” in July again exceeded 70,000 units. It is not difficult to see that consumers’ acceptance of high-tech Chinese brand models continues to rise. The other two brands of Changan Automobile Group, Changan Oshan and Changan Kaicene, sold 9,993 and 26,069 vehicles in July, respectively. Looking back on the recent sales performance, the Changan Oshan brand represented by Changan Oshan X7 has maintained a monthly sales volume of around 10,000 vehicles in recent months. In terms of joint ventures, Changan Mazda sold 1,1920 vehicles in July, and Changan Ford sold 21,726 vehicles in July.

Editor:Liu Ke