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FAW Toyota Prado stops production

From:Internet Info Agency 2020-06-24 14:56:35

Since the first Chinese-made Prado was rolled out in 2003, FAW Toyota Prado has produced a total of 346,706 units. On June 23, IIA learned that FAW Toyota Prado officially announced that it would stop production, ending its 17-year domestic journey and drawing a happy ending.

The 3rd Generation

In 2003, FAW Toyota officially introduced and domestically produced the third-generation Prado of Toyota, opening up the history of Toyota's off-road SUV localization. In 2007, the output of FAW Toyota Pula exceeded 10,000 units for many years.

The 4th Generation

In 2010, the fourth generation Prado was officially introduced in China. The new car still follows the tough design style of previous models and uses a non-load-bearing body layout. In the configuration, air suspension (optional), electronic central differential lock, KDSS suspension adjustment system and driver assistance MTS system are added.

The 4th-generation mid-term facelift

In 2017, FAW Toyota ushered in the mid-term facelift of the fourth-generation Prado. On the basis of the original fourth-generation model, the new car follows the design style of the overseas version of the same period, and only provides a 3.5L engine option, eliminating the original 2.7L model.

For FAW Toyota, the Prado model has very important historical significance, and it is also one of the first choice models for many domestic hardcore off-road SUV users. However, with the increasingly strict emission regulations and changes in market demand, Prado has completed its mission in FAW Toyota's product sequence and withdrew from the stage of history.

Editor:Wang Xiaochen