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Changan Mazda: Recognition is more urgently needed

From:Internet Info Agency 2020-06-30 16:25:41

The term "次世代" is derived from Japanese and literally means "next generation", which is a product that is ahead of the current technological era. This term has been quite active in the field of game consoles. "Next-generation" game consoles or "next-generation" games have always been sought after by the majority of players, and gradually extended to the meaning of a whole new generation. In the name change of automotive products, Changan Mazda used the term "next generation" for its brand-new product sequence, which implies that it has leading-edge technology, and it also targets its users at the young consumer groups.

Just entered the "second half" in 2020, Changan Mazda has completed the update of its main models. On May 28, with the official launch of CX-30, Changan Mazda's "next generation" product lineup was further expanded. In terms of the main models, the recently launched CX-30, the next-generation Mazda 3 Axela and the 2020 CX-5 will jointly take on Changan Mazda's "hard battle" in the market for a long time to come. In the short period of time without the launch of new models, can the “Next Generation” product lineup created by Changan Mazda withstand the test of the market?

Despite the propaganda strategy, is Changan Mazda's next-generation product lineup really "leading the times"? From the perspective of the product itself, whether it is the CX-30, the next-generation Mazda 3 Axela, or the 2020 CX-5, it adopts the latest generation of vehicle development architecture of the Mazda brand in terms of body chassis, power system and design concept. Achieved global synchronization.

Taking the Changan Mazda CX-30 just listed as an example, the official definition is "new generation running brigade SUV", which can be seen from the literal meaning that this new car is specially built for young users. And like many models of Changan Mazda, the CX-30 has indeed achieved the characteristics of young and dynamic products in terms of design texture and driving experience.

Since its launch in March 2019, as a global model of the Mazda brand, the CX-30 has won a number of international authoritative awards. The awards cover the design category, safety evaluation and comprehensive rating, which also confirms its excellent product strength.

In fact, Changan Mazda's various models including the next generation Mazda 3 Axela, CX-5 and others have won many international authoritative awards. With Mazda's "Soul of Motion" design concept and "SkyActiv-X" technology, its main models have been recognized in the global market. However, from the perspective of the market performance of its full range of models, it is inevitable that some will not be applauded.

From the sales data of Changan Mazda in recent years, since 2017, the annual sales volume of Changan Mazda has been declining year by year. The time comes to 2020, affected by objective factors such as COVID-19, and its sales performance from January to May is unsatisfactory.

It is worth noting that if the automotive industry was affected by COVID-19 at the beginning of this year, the overall market performance was lower than the level of the same period in previous years. This is a "common phenomenon" for the entire industry. So, looking back at the market performance in recent years, Changan Mazda, as a joint venture car company, has been declining year-on-year in the context of launching new models every year. This makes people feel very confused.

We have already mentioned that whether it is the newly launched CX-30, Mazda CX-5, and the next generation Mazda 3 Axela, it has won many awards around the world, so its products are themselves Remarkable hard power. But as a global model, after Changan Mazda introduced domestic products, why did it not get better market performance?

It is true that Changan Mazda’s current main products are all derived from the global models of the Mazda brand, and its technology platform has almost reached global synchronization. However, at the level of publicity strategy, Changan Mazda also needs to change its publicity strategy to allow a small number of users to recognize the product and transform it into a wider range of potential user perceptions.

In contrast, to measure the pros and cons of a model design, subjective factors will dominate, and different people will give very different evaluations of the same design style. It is undeniable that Mazda's "Soul of Motion" family design language has been highly rated globally, and it has achieved a very high design texture in both car products and SUV products.

According to statistics, in the era of information, where information flows are rapidly changing, the generation Z youths that have grown up with the development of the Internet have shown an increasing trend in the consumer market. Compared with previous consumer groups, Gen Z users have more proactive decision-making capabilities, and they pay more attention to actual experience and added value.

In this context, the next-generation product lineup of Changan Mazda, whether it focuses on the mechanical quality of driving control fun, the cockpit layout concept with the driver as the core, or the rather dynamic design style, are in line with the current youth User's car purchase request. However, compared with the “simple and rude” product highlights of large space and high configuration, how to make the youth of the Z era feel the charm of the next generation products of Changan Mazda is indeed a knowledge.

Looking back on the actions of Changan Mazda in publicity and marketing in recent years, it is not difficult to find that its marketing team seems to like to promote new models through star endorsements or variety show implantation. It is undeniable that these cross-border cooperation activities can indeed increase the exposure of brands and products, but for improving the potential users' awareness of new models, the actual results may not be good.

After all, for Changan Mazda models, it is difficult for the public to truly experience the unique charm of Mazda models through simple lens implantation, star introduction and other "surface efforts". Accurate "man-horse integration" control experience, "zero burden" sitting posture design, head-up cockpit concept, etc. These "hidden skills" that are well received by car owners are not simply a few words or a few shots to let everyone know of.

Relying solely on beautiful promotional albums, celebrity endorsements or variety show advertisement placement, it seems difficult for potential users to truly feel the true charm of the next-generation products of Changan Mazda. Judging from the market performance in recent years at least, under the rhythm of many new models being put on the market one after another, the marketing work of Changan Mazda has not made more potential users feel the true charm of its next-generation products.

Earlier, a news that Mazda had no plans to launch a new model in the next two years has caused widespread concern in the industry. According to the Mazda brand plan, within the next two years, Mazda will only update the existing models annually, and the new product lineup will not be put on the market until at least two years later. In the two-year "empty window period", how Changan Mazda will use the existing model lineup to win more consumers, especially the favor of young generation Z users, will be an important issue in front of the company. Under the current product lineup, Changan Mazda has already gained recognition from users who are small but faithful enough. The next thing to be solved is how to ensure the awareness of more potential users.

Editor:Wang Xiaochen