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What is the significance of making Mocha as new flagship of WEY?

From:Internet Info Agency 2021-04-12 16:51:09

As a high-end SUV under Great Wall Motor (GWM), the WEY brand has attracted the attention of the world since its birth. It is named after the founder's surname. The responsibility it shoulders can be imagined, and glory and responsibility coexist. And often inadvertently, two completely different results will be reaped.

Since its debut on November 16, 2016, the WEY brand has positioned high-end, young and fashionable labels. Judging from the products VV5 and VV7 promoted in the early stage, it basically meets the needs and usage habits of users during that time period. However, many new energy vehicles and intelligent driving technologies have continued to flood into the automotive market. The VV5 and VV7, which were once highly anticipated, seem to be a bit unable to keep up with the trends and trends, and sales are far from the original target positioning. The flagship product VV7 has no way to be related to the main sales model of Great Wall. In just four years, from the monthly sales of more than 10,000 units to more than 1,000 units per month, this is bound to be an unacceptable result for GWM, which focuses on the SUV market. Change is the only way, and it must be done.

The year of 2020 marks the 30th anniversary of the establishment of GWM. On this special day, Great Wall neither celebrated nor flaunted its 30-year glorious achievements, but used a 3-minute micro-film by Chairman Wei Jianjun to plan the future.

It is very important for a company to decide and then move. It determines the future development direction and trend. This phenomenon of the WEY brand has its unique positioning and the generality of GWM as a whole. Therefore, GWM as a whole began to carry out large-scale adjustments and reforms, from the original whole industry chain operation to a "modular" operation, integrating R&D, product definition, and marketing together, all around user needs, and good aesthetics Combine with intelligence. This is particularly important for WEY, which still bears the leading position of the GWM high-end brand, and Mocha is the flagship model of the WEY brand. It can be said that Mocha wins, WEY wins, and vice versa.

Speaking of which, it is not necessary to describe the importance of Mocha too much. All viewers will naturally understand the importance of Mocha.

In the high-level interviews with WEY brand general manager Li Ruifeng, WEY brand marketing deputy general manager Qiao Xinyu and other high-level interviews, the author conducted in-depth exchanges and discussions on WEY brand and new Mocha vehicles.

What is WEY's brand positioning?

WEY has been working on smart luxury and smart security. Inspired by the general environment of China's auto market at this stage, WEY brand positioning is "a new generation of smart cars." GWM has now formed 6 brands, namely Haval, Euler, Pickup, WEY, Tank and Salon. Salon focuses on hydrogen fuel technology, Euler focuses on pure electric models, WEY, as a high-end brand of GWM, focuses on autonomous driving, smart cockpit, and smart hybrid DHT. It has the advantage of preferential use and equipped with new technologies in the group.

What is the intelligentization of WEY?

Intelligentization is not a competition of technology at a certain stage, nor a breakthrough in a certain function point. WEY will provide intelligent services to completely connect people, vehicles, and terminals, so that intelligence is not only scientific and technological, but also more customer-friendly.

How to define the "new generation" and how can WEY go further?

Intelligentization must be the biggest label in the future, and the automotive industry will expand around this theme. Chips, computing power, and human-computer interaction are high-frequency terms. The previous smart cars used one-way communication, which was simple, such as intelligent driving assistance and intelligent interaction. The "new generation" emphasizes two-way interaction. One: Complete systemization, talent reserve, technological reserve, and data reserve are the advantages of GWM. Second: the critical point of the distinction between the old and the new, the old intelligence is car-centric, and the new intelligence is user-centric. Third: Make products with temperature, not cold machines. Fourth: The WEY brand relies on the GWM Group and has more than 20 core high-quality partner resources to help the WEY brand go further.

What is the future of WEY?

The WEY brand will become a comprehensive category, originally a luxury SUV. At this stage, due to the independence of the tank brand, it will focus on the urban SUV segment. In the future, there will be a new platform blessing. WEY's products will cover more models, and the price will be 200,000 to 300,000 yuan. In 2022, there will be more than 5 new products unveiled. Therefore, 2021-2023 will be an important period of the WEY brand, and the product promotion speed will be very rapid.

Who are the users of Mocha? How to predict the sales of Mocha?

A large part of the consumer group is the high-skilled people in the first-tier cities in China. They focus on the fields of IT, technology, and intelligence; the other part is born in the 90s and 95s, and they need to have products that can show off their talks. In addition, they also use cars as their travel partners. important role. For sales expectations, it will be among the level of the joint venture brand SUV, which can increase WEY's sales volume and provide a great help. In other words, it will not repeat the mistakes of previous failures.


Although the WEY brand has been established for less than 5 years, it has experienced no less than the situation encountered in the Chinese automobile consumer market in the past 20 years. There are highlights and troughs; there are praises and doubts; there are pursuits, but there are also ignorance. Times are changing, and the habits and ideas of consumer groups are also changing, and the speed of this change is extremely rapid. People's definitions and requirements for luxury and intelligence are also changing. It is no longer a pile of functions, but what users really need, in line with the usage scenarios and solving the pain points of car use. All actions of automobile manufacturers must be one step ahead of consumers. This kind of intelligence will greatly subvert the traditional car-making and marketing models, and this is also the battlefield for future luxury brands.

Mocha, the name is easy to be remembered by everyone, but what it hopes to be remembered is that it is accepted and recognized by consumers as the flagship product of the WEY brand. Let us look forward to Mocha’s pre-sale feedback at this Shanghai Auto Show and subsequent market feedback after its launch.

Editor:Huo Hongwei