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Official pics of new Bentley Bentayga revealed

From:Internet Info Agency 2020-07-01 14:56:13

Bentley's new Bentayga official pictures were officially released. The new car was optimized and upgraded for the appearance and interior. It incorporated a new design concept and the luxury of the whole car was once again improved. It is reported that the new Bentayga will debut in China on July 10.

In appearance, the new Bentayga adopts the family design elements from the third-generation Euler GT and the new Flying Spur. The front face has been fine-tuned. The enlarged matrix grille is more square and regular, and the gas field is stable and full of impact. The smart LED headlights on both sides are designed with the iconic crystal cut, which shows the grace and elegance. At the same time, the new Bentayga is also equipped with windshield wipers with heating and cleaning functions for the first time.

The rear of the new car has significant changes, the multi-line head outlines are more abundant, and the visual effects are smart and streamlined, and they will not be too bloated. In addition, the taillight adopts a new style, the ring shape is consistent with the Continental GT, and the effect is outstanding. The position of the license plate is lowered to further reduce the visual center of gravity. The rear row with a total of four sides and a rear wheelbase of 20 mm is added to enhance the sports feeling.

The new Bentayga adds Viridian and Patina color paints, and also provides Blackline Specification options to enhance the overall visual sense.

In the interior, the new Bentayga's sense of luxury is further enhanced and the technology atmosphere is also replaced. It is equipped with a new 10.9-inch central control display, and supports wireless Carplay, new satellite map navigation, online search, and other functions, with a new 12.3-inch full LCD instrument panel, the information display is more abundant. In addition, the rear row also has a touch screen remote control, which can control many functions such as air conditioning.

In addition, the new Bentayga uses a new door finish, steering wheel, and new rear seats. In the five-seater version, the rear seats have new seat ventilation functions to improve ride comfort. At the same time, the rear legroom of the new Bentayga can be increased by up to 100 mm.

It is worth noting that the new Bentayga is the first Bentley model with a dark diamond-shaped aluminum brushed finish. It also offers Koa and Crown Cut Walnut, two new straight grain wood trim panels. In addition, the Mulliner Driving Specification adds a new quilting configuration, and introduces a fine edging decoration option for the seat for the first time.

In terms of power, the new Bentayga will provide a plug-in hybrid system consisting of 6.0T W12 engine, 4.0T V8 engine and 3.0T V6 engine + motor. Among them, the 4.0T V8 engine has a maximum power of 404 kilowatts and a peak torque of 770 Nm. It is matched with an 8-speed automatic transmission and accelerates from 0 to 100 km/h in only 4.5 seconds.

Editor:Zhou Yue