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What did Dongfeng Nissan do in 1st half to grow for 3 consecutive months?

From:Internet Info Agency 2020-07-15 10:07:50

Since the opening of 2020, since the outbreak of COVID-19, all automobile manufacturers worldwide have been affected to varying degrees. However, in China, with the gradual improvement of the epidemic prevention and control situation, some brands have gradually shown a steadily increasing trend in sales, and Dongfeng Nissan is one of them. Earlier this month, Dongfeng Nissan announced the June sales data, and the overall sales performance in the first half of the year was also released.

According to official statistics, Dongfeng Nissan obtained 104,528 terminal sales in June, a year-on-year increase of 2.8%. The cumulative terminal sales from January to June were 451,068, which is the third consecutive month that the brand has achieved positive sales growth. In terms of market share, Dongfeng Nissan's joint venture non-luxury brand billing market share reached 12% in May, and the cumulative joint venture non-luxury brand billing market share reached 11.6% in January-May, an increase of 1.5% year-on-year. 

From the perspective of vehicle models, sedan models are still the main force of Dongfeng Nissan. The cumulative terminal sales from January to June are 294,522, and Sylphy and Altima are the main sales models. SUV models rely on more comprehensive product layout and performance. Terminal sales reached 156,530 vehicles, X-Trail and Qashqai are the backbone.

Relatively speaking, Dongfeng Nissan's product structure is relatively complete and reasonable, and there are competitive products in various segments. Therefore, in the popular segments of compact cars, mid-level cars and compact SUVs, its models have their own models. Better performance, but also as the pillar of the entire brand's sales. Among them, Sylphy's data is particularly eye-catching, and even occupies half of Dongfeng Nissan, which is inseparable from the strategy of selling both new and old models on the same stage.

In terms of other models, the cumulative terminal sales of Bluebird, Tiida, Kicks, Murano and Tuda from January to June were 17,565 units, 26,806 units, 15,912 units, 6,128 units and 5,340 units, respectively. Due to the increasing rationality of current consumers’ car buying concepts, the above Sales performance of each model is directly linked to its own product strength.

Honda, Toyota and Nissan have always been the Big Three of Japanese brands. In the field of passenger cars, except for GAC Toyota, which has not yet released June sales data, the sales data for the first half of several other joint venture brands have been released, with obvious polarization.

In the first half of 2020, Dongfeng Nissan has the most sales of new cars, and only FAW Toyota has a year-on-year upward trend. In addition to being affected by the epidemic, the near-saturation of some domestic markets is also one of the reasons for the decline in overall car sales. However, with the easing of the epidemic, it is expected that there will be a larger space for consumption in the second half of the year.

In fact, in recent years, Dongfeng Nissan's new car launch has not been fast. In addition to the 7th generation Altima in 2018 and the 14th generation Sylphy in 2019, other models only launched facelifts. Updating is a problem that needs to be resolved, but Fortunately, this situation will be alleviated in the second half of the year.

Nowadays, the product update iteration cycles of major manufacturers have been gradually shortened, the speed of technological upgrading has been accelerated, and the competition is fierce. And from the sales data above, we can know that X-Trail and Qashqai are the mainstay of Dongfeng Nissan SUV models. It is currently the best way to maintain market competitiveness through replacement.

Summary: Under the influence of many factors, the current domestic automobile market environment has undergone major changes, which has also spawned a series of challenges. It is not easy to move forward steadily in the vortex. For Chinese users, the most heard sentence this year is nothing more than "The goal of 2020 is to live", but the playful tone reflects the cruel reality, and even applying this sentence to some car companies is also applicable. However, as far as the current sales data are concerned, at least Dongfeng Nissan has gradually recovered from the cold winter. In the second half of the year when the challenges are greater than the opportunities, we hope that this brand can move forward without thinking about the past and fearing the future.

Editor:Zhang Xiao