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New Mercedes-Benz T-Class to be unveiled in 2022

From:Internet Info Agency 2020-07-29 16:12:25

It is reported that Mercedes-Benz will launch a new T-class model, which is positioned as a compact MPV derived from the commercial Mercedes-Benz Citan. The first model may be unveiled in 2022.

Judging from the preview map, the Mercedes-Benz T-Class has a rounded overall line, which is more in line with the positioning of a family car. In terms of space, the Mercedes-Benz T-Class will provide a large carrying space for various purposes. In addition, the left and right sides of the new car are designed with side sliding doors to facilitate passengers to get on and off the car. In terms of power, in addition to the traditional fuel power system, the new car is expected to provide pure electric models.

Mercedes-Benz Citan

The T-class is not just a passenger version of Citan, it will be more suitable for family needs. Marcus Breitschwerdt, head of Mercedes-Benz vans, said, “Many customers need attractive and practical compact cars. The T-Class meets these needs.” The T-Class will be jointly created by Mercedes-Benz and the Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi Alliance. It will be developed simultaneously with the next-generation Renault Kangoo and is expected to be unveiled in 2022.

Editor:Liu Anze