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Jetour X interior photos exposed, expected to be released in 2020

From:Internet Info Agency 2020-08-03 15:54:25

Jetour is a sub-brand of Chery. It has been nearly two years since its release in early 2018. A few days ago, IIA obtained a set of previews of Jetour X interiors from related insiders. From the outline, we can see that the car is equipped with a super-large integrated penetrating central control screen, which is full of technology. In addition, the car is expected to be released in the second half of this year.

The new car continues the Jetour family-style design and adopts the popular split headlights. In terms of details, we noticed that the interior of the headlights adopts vertical-line style lamp beads, while the interior of the fog lamp area below adopts a matrix type. The arrangement form further enhances the recognition of the front face.

The rear of the new car adopts a through-type taillight group, and the interior of the taillight group is also designed with a vertical line. After the night is lit, the recognition degree has been further improved. In addition, its high-end models will also be equipped with laser headlights and brake projection lights.

The interior of the new car adopts a Nordic minimalist style design, and the central control area is not designed with too many complex structures. Geometric design elements are added to make the interior avant-garde and simple visual effects.

In addition, we can see from the preview picture that the biggest highlight of the new car's interior is the large-sized integrated through-type central control screen. The erected screen is very similar to the design style of the German luxury brand. Although the power part of the new car has not been exposed yet, please stay tuned with IIA.

Editor:Zhao Chun