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WEY: Why does Brabus only cooperate with us?

From:Internet Info Agency 2020-08-05 16:10:46

The WEY brand and Brabus started cooperation as early as 2018, and launched the RS7 modified model during the Beijing Auto Show in the same year. Although it did not achieve mass production, it opened the way for both parties to cooperate. Two years later, the VV7 GT brabus | automotive limited edition (VV7 GT Brabus version) jointly created by the two parties was officially launched on July 16, and the price of 258,800 yuan made the Brabus version of the car at your fingertips. And, at the same time, it also increased the bargaining chip for WEY brand to enter the European market.

The VV7 GT Brabus version adds a large number of aerodynamics kits to the appearance, continuing the "traditional routine" of Brabus's modification of Mercedes-Benz. The visual effect is very "explosive" and attracts consumers' attention. IIA had an in-depth communication with Mr. Qiao Xinyu, deputy general manager of WEY brand marketing during the launch of the VV7 GT Barbus, and discussed all aspects of the product and plans.

Q: Why does WEY choose Brabus as cooperative partner?

Many people have this question in their minds, why does the WEY brand cooperate with Brabus? Mr. Qiao Xinyu said: “This has a lot to do with the future development plan of WEY. The BRABUS brand comes from Germany, and if the WEY brand wants to enter the European market, it must find a high-quality partner. And it happens that BRABUS is in The European market has extensive resources. At the same time, there are also many high-end modification customers in the Chinese market. Both sides have seen this point of convergence and reached a cooperation agreement."

In fact, Great Wall Motor (GWM) has continuously promoted the globalization process in recent years. Great Wall Pickup and Haval brands have established a foothold overseas, and WEY, as the high-end brand in the group, can better represent the technical strength of GWM. At the same time, it has the ability to compete with overseas brands. Previously, the WEY brand also announced its entry into the European market in 2021. Therefore, this cooperation also represents that the WEY brand is steadily advancing its globalization strategy, step by step towards the international market.

Q: Why does Brabus cooperate with WEY?

At present, the overall upward trend of Chinese brands is a big trend, and it is rare for brands that can truly make their products the ultimate. And why can BRABUS choose us from many independent brands? We have had many in-depth exchanges on this issue.

First, the WEY brand is a high-end luxury brand under GWM, which is strong in technical strength. Secondly, the "Tank" platform just launched by the WEY brand integrates the most advanced internal technology. Finally, we have several overseas designers and teams, and we have more advantages in vehicle design. The above three points not only bring huge benefits to consumers, but also demonstrate the strength of GWM, and the VV7 GT Brabus version is the best proof that it has achieved the effect of "1+1>2".

Q: Why the first customized model is VV7 GT?

In this cooperation with Brabus, there are many high-class products under the Brabus brand, but among all Brabus models in the world, the VV7 GT brabus | automotive is not the most expensive and luxurious model, but the smartest.

For example, the VV7 GT Brabus version is equipped with a million-class luxury car ADB & laser headlights, a unique AI intelligent facial recognition system of the same level, an intelligent voice recognition system, a full ecological cockpit cleaning control system, and a 360° bird’s-eye view panoramic visual parking assist system, third-generation megapixel intelligent HD wide-angle streaming media inner rearview mirror, L2+ level automatic driving, etc.

And we will deeply explore vehicle technology and other fields in all aspects, so that more advanced technologies can be used in WEY brand models. At the same time, we will also focus on this topic as the direction of discussion.

Q: What products will WEY introduce in the future?

After the WEY brand and Brabus officially announced their strategic cooperation during the 2019 Geneva Motor Show, they conducted in-depth exchanges on the design, chassis tuning, and power system of the model. The VV7 GT BRABUS version is the first mass product to appear after in-depth cooperation. Through the cooperation, we found that in the future, both sides need to further strengthen cooperation in the fields of vehicle styling, power system, and aerodynamics.

At present, the WEY brand product layout has been formed, and more new products will be released step by step. New VV7 series will be launched in August, and the new VV5 models will be launched in September. In addition, at the end of this year, new models under the WEY brand will be launched.

Summary: As an independent high-end brand, the WEY brand has formed a clear differentiation from other brands in terms of brand positioning and model positioning. At the same time, the in-depth cooperation with Brabus has given the brand a profound influence in the technical field. In addition, the new platform and models will allow the brand to have more blessings.

Editor:Zhao Chun