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DS re-starts in China to create a distinctive luxury brand

From:Internet Info Agency 2020-08-21 15:54:40

The DS 9 flagship model of DS brand officially made its Asian debut in Shanghai not long ago. The debut of the new car can't help but feel a little surprised, the long-silent DS brand once again appeared in people's vision. At the same time, DS brand chose to release the latest flagship products in the country, and further declared that "French luxury" will open a new chapter in China.

Nicolas Monnot, general manager of DS China, said: "We are very much looking forward to being recognized and understood by Chinese consumers as a French luxury car brand, and looking forward to gaining a position in this market." Next, the DS brand will be DS 9 The starting point is to convey the brand’s image and propositions, and provide Chinese consumers with a distinctive car life through a series of measures such as brand building, new product layout, and new retail service models.

The development of any brand is inseparable from finding its own customer base. DS brand wants to grow in China, the world's largest luxury car market. According to Nicolas Monnot, in this diversified market, the positioning and image of the DS brand must be very clear, consistent and unique.

For those young people who want to show their individuality, DS can pass on some of its own characteristics to them. For example, DS, as a luxury car brand from Paris, has its own high-end customized aesthetics and the level and craftsmanship of French luxury manufacturing, which other luxury brands do not have.

Combining the market environment and the characteristics of the brand itself, DS has targeted its target consumers in China to a niche group, rather than being a major market for luxury cars like mainstream luxury brands. The younger generation of consumers in China want to show their own personality and want to be different from others. Their own consumption represents their own taste and aesthetics. This is the opportunity for DS.

Nicolas Monnot believes that the message DS brand wants to convey to consumers is a niche, exquisite French brand. In the future, it will create a new marketing plan and a new online platform, which will also ensure that this special group provides users with the experience required.

In addition to establishing the target consumer group, rebuilding the dealer network that directly contacts with consumers and letting users better understand the DS brand are also one of the focuses of its development in China. DS brand's overall strategy in this regard is divided into two points. One is to make the offline dealer network more efficient, and the other is to acquire customers through online platforms.

Nicolas Monnot introduced that the DS brand will first adjust the dealer network standards to make future cooperation with dealers more flexible, so as to promote the lightweight investment of dealers, ensure that dealers can profit, and let DS Brands increase their influence in China through distributors.

As mentioned earlier, the target consumer group of the DS brand is niche users, and the DS brand will also carry out dealer network coverage in key areas where potential users are located, instead of spreading across the country as a whole. DS is positioned as a niche luxury car brand. Companies need to find where consumers are, deploy them in a targeted manner, and then realize the DS brand's overall strategy through efficient cooperation with dealers.

In addition to offline retail points and services, the DS brand will also develop an O2O marketing model online. The digital O2O platform allows brands to communicate with consumers more directly and conveniently online, allowing consumers to have a good experience of communicating with brands, and improving consumer satisfaction with brands.

At the same time, consumers in the Chinese market value the services of luxury brands very much. After purchasing a luxury car, users look forward to better services. Including Lincoln and Lexus, in this respect are all representative brands. For DS, providing high-quality services to DS owners nationwide is also one of the focuses of its development in China.

Although the Chinese auto market is greatly affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, the luxury car segment is still strong. As a DS brand that has set sail again in the Chinese market, its goal is to achieve long-term development in China. Although the short-term numbers are important, the next focus of the DS brand is on the overall policy and strategy. Next, the DS brand will establish a new online platform in the Chinese market to communicate with consumers to ensure that consumers know and understand the brand spirit of DS and its products.

Editor:Zhang Meng