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Is it a new era of Chinese luxury cars?

From:Internet Info Agency 2020-08-26 18:20:22

Author:He Lun, IIA’s Co-Chief Content Officer, Deputy Head of IIA Academy of Auto

Automobile hot topic Q&A (Ep.236)


From any perspective, Hongqi H9 is the biggest focus of this year's luxury car market.

Q: What do you think of the H9 car?

A: The technical configuration of this car is among the top in the country. What I value most is the standard 48-volt light-hybrid system of the whole series. It not only saves energy, but also makes the engine start more sensitive and comfortable, especially to support more and more electrical equipment to operate efficiently. Therefore, it is by far the most iconic configuration of mid-to-large luxury cars. Among the domestically produced C-class medium and large luxury cars, currently only the Mercedes-Benz E-class and the mid-term remodeled Volvo S90 are standard equipment. In terms of quality, the H9 looks great, but I have not seen a real car so far, so I can’t talk about the driving experience.

I feel that the biggest attraction of H9 is its original design. Although Hongqi is the only luxury car brand in China, in the past, mass-produced models of this level always felt that they could not be used in the big scene. I remember that about one or two years ago, I saw two Hongqi H7s displayed on separate platforms at the entrance of the departure hall of Terminal 3 of the Capital Airport. I thought at the time, this car is old and not a classic, why spend a lot of money to show it here? I also noticed that within 3 minutes, no one who came and went could see who wanted to take a look at it, including those sitting next to it and resting.

The H9 is quite different. It is the most beautiful Chinese brand luxury car so far. It can be said that it has begun a new era of high-tech and high-value Chinese luxury car brands.

Q: But it is not Hongqi's flagship model, it is the L5. What is your comment?

A: From a market perspective alone, L5 is a "specially needed" car, which embodies more of a tradition and nostalgia, while H9 is the flagship of Hongqi's commercial production cars, pointing to the future.

Q: The MSRP of H9 is RMB 309,800 to RMB 538,800. Although it is much lower than the previous pre-sale price of RMB 330,000 to RMB 600,000, it is still the highest price for a self-owned brand fuel vehicle. What do you think?

A: After participating in the H9's global debut ceremony at the beginning of the year, I once said that the starting price of H9 is estimated to be 300,000 yuan, which is between the domestically produced B and C levels of international luxury brands. This conclusion is drawn after analyzing a variety of factors, including the relationship between H9 and H7, the relationship between C-class and C+ class, the relationship between H9 and international luxury brand C-class cars, and the relationship with international mid-range brand C-class cars (Toyota The relationship between Crown and Volkswagen PHIDEON. It now appears that the price of H9 is not unexpected. In my opinion, it is a reasonable and extremely competitive price.

Q: Do you think H9 will sell well?

A: It should be. Last year, the total sales of international luxury brand C-class sedans were about 600,000, and B-class sedans were about 480,000. H9, as China's first luxury brand C+ class sedan, has top-notch technical configuration, high appearance and aura, and the price is positioned between the international luxury brand C-class and B-class sedan. How big the sales volume will be, it will give people enough Imagination space.

From the perspective of demand, H9 will appear to be very exciting in any important political, commercial, and cultural activities. Air China’s shuttle bus in Beijing used to be a BMW 5 Series, but now it is a Mercedes-Benz E-Class. I wouldn’t be surprised if the Hongqi H9 is replaced in the future.

Editor:He Lun