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Haima ushers in new opportunities

From:Internet Info Agency 2020-09-03 17:07:17

Since China's auto market has moved from an incremental market to an era of inventory, market competition has begun to intensify. Especially this year, it has been hit by the impact of COVID-19, and the car company knockout competition has entered a white-hot stage. Efforts to survive or accept death are placed in front of some fringe car companies that have been losing money for years and have a high debt ratio.

Among these car companies, Haima's desire to survive is obviously very strong. In 2019, the capital gains brought by a series of measures balanced the losses of the main business and generated surplus. Entering 2020, in order to further realize in the automotive business, after the launch of the new Haima 8S, the new MPV model Haima 7X is also officially launched. At the same time, with the support of national policies, the prospects of the foundry market are optimistic, and Haima has ushered in a new opportunity to "turn up against the wind".

Haima knows that if it wants to continue in the highly competitive Chinese auto market, the most fundamental thing is to rely on good models. Because of this, Haima Chairman, Jing Zhu, after returning to the front line has repeatedly stated that in the future, Haima Motor’s products will adhere to the category strategy and the soul of CASE, among which adherence to the category strategy is to be the champion.

Haima 7X is a model built under this background. From the appearance of the VF00 concept car to the exposure of the prototype car, from its debut at the Guangzhou Auto Show to its official launch, the Haima 7X has already stoked the appetite of consumers.

According to the official introduction, Haima 7X has been developed for more than 4 years and invested more than 500 million yuan. This investment is unintentionally a large amount for Haima Automobile, which shows the importance of Haima 7X. From the perspective of Haima 7X inspired by luxury yacht design, large three-row space, focus on child safety and other labels, Haima 7X has a clear positioning and has a product that meets expectations.

Of course, if you choose to work in the MPV category, if it is for other brands, it may suffer a lot of controversy, but it will not be in Haima. After all, Haima can be said to be based on the MPV category. As early as 2004, Haima launched the MPV model, Premacy, which is the same sales pioneer as the sedan Family. Since then, MPV models such as the Haima V70 and Family F7 have been introduced successively, which can be described as a battlefield in the MPV field.

However, we should also realize that today's passenger car market in China is still dominated by cars and SUVs. Check the domestic passenger car sales from January to July this year. Among them, 4.478 million sedans and 4.305 million SUVs were sold, while only 529,000 MPVs were sold.

But this does not mean that Haima 7X has no chance. On the one hand, although the MPV market is relatively small, objective needs still exist, and more and more young users pay more attention to the current family. On the other hand, there are still few available models in this market, which creates more opportunities for the future development of Haima 7X.

New car companies and established car companies are supposed to be rivals to suppress each other, but in some cases, they can also become "like-minded" partners in each case. One such situation is that established car companies OEM for new car companies.

Automobile production is a comprehensive system engineering that requires long-term accumulation. In this regard, new car companies are obviously not as experienced as old car companies. In addition, foundry can greatly reduce the initial investment of new car companies, and capital is also the biggest pressure that new car companies face in the early stage. Haima is an OEM for Xpeng Motors. Haima made full use of its own production capacity and Xpeng was able to save a lot of money in the early stage. This is a successful example.

In addition, the state is currently strictly controlling the qualifications of newly added auto manufacturers. Although the qualification application has been changed to local filing management, considering various restrictions and the current serious overcapacity in the overall production capacity of China's auto industry, the possibility of new production qualifications is becoming smaller and smaller.

The policy issued in June of this year proposes to vigorously develop high-tech industries and expand advanced manufacturing around "new energy vehicles and smart cars". As the only vehicle manufacturer in Hainan Province that has the qualifications for the production of new energy and traditional fuel vehicles, Haima takes advantage of the time and place.

In fact, the positive impact of foundry has already begun to appear. In July of this year, after the news that Xpeng will go public in the United States flowed out, Haima Motor's stock price began to rise when its own performance was not enough to support the rise of the stock price as a contract manufacturer of Xpeng G3 under Xpeng. Reflected in the data, Haima Motor’s stock price has hovered from around 2 yuan per share before, to the 3 yuan mark recently, and the highest has reached 3.8 yuan. Today, Xpeng has successfully listed, and Haima Motor’s stock price changes are receiving more and more attention.

Recently, it has been reported that Porsche is preparing for localization and can be assembled through the Hainan Free Trade Zone to enjoy the tax exemption policy, or to establish a joint venture with Haima Automobile, a local car company in Hainan Province. Although this news was subsequently denied by both parties, it also shows from the side that Haima Auto is still a high-quality resource in the eyes of many people, which is undoubtedly an advantage for its successful transformation in the future.

It is unrealistic for a company to want to be smooth sailing all the time. When faced with difficulties, as long as it does not lose its hope of survival, it still has a chance to survive. Haima Motor, let the market see its efforts to be able to continue, and look forward to its ability to get rid of the predicament and regain its new life in the future.

Editor:Yuan Honglei