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Tesla releases Model S Plaid with over 1100 hp

From:Internet Info Agency 2020-09-24 14:29:39

On September 23, IIA learned that Tesla recently held a "Tesla Battery Day" at the Fremont Super Factory. On this battery day, Tesla demonstrated a number of innovative technologies such as cell design, cell factory, anode materials, cathode materials, and vehicle manufacturing, and released the Model S Plaid with a new powertrain. The new car has a maximum power of more than 1,100 horsepower and a quarter-mile acceleration time of less than 9 seconds. It is reported that the car will be delivered next year.

In addition to the release of the Model S Plaid, Tesla has also developed a new size of ‘Tabless’ 4680 cell with a height of 80mm and a diameter of 46mm. Compared with traditional lithium batteries, ‘Tabless’ batteries no longer have raised tabs at both ends. This design can significantly reduce heat generation and increase peak charge and discharge power.

Because the new ‘Tabless’ 4680 cells do not require installation and welding of tabs, it has a simplified manufacturing process and fewer parts. To this end, Tesla has built a new production line with 7 times the production capacity of the previous production line, which can significantly improve production efficiency, and at the same time reduce the investment cost per kilowatt-hour of production capacity by 75%, providing favorable conditions for rapid expansion of production scale.

In addition, Tesla has developed a new body structure. The battery pack is designed as a body structure, and the battery pack and the front and rear parts of the body are integrally formed. This structure brings an ultra-high-strength body and a weight of the vehicle. The distribution is also closer to the center. In order to achieve this design, Tesla specifically developed an unprecedented new formula alloy material, reducing the overall structure by 10% and reducing 370 parts.

Editor:Shi Rui