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Is Exceed TXL worth the price?

From:Internet Info Agency 2020-10-22 17:57:47

On October 20, Exeed's new generation of TXL was officially launched. The price range of the five versions of the new car is 139,900 yuan to 175,900 yuan. It is not many that mainstream independent brand mid-size SUVs lock the price in this range. It is inevitable that some people will wonder. Although Exeed is a high-end independent brand, is its brand strength and the new car in front of it really worth the price?

Before discussing the value of Exeed TXL, let's answer the question: What is the current consumer demand for car purchase?

Take the current main consumers as an example. Related reports show that the top three things young people care about most when buying a car are brand, power and safety. After finding the three comparison indicators, it is not difficult for us to analyze whether Exeed TXL is worth this price.

Let’s talk about the brand first. 

Why do consumers pay more attention to the car brand? The author believes that there are two main factors: First, the brand is the guarantee of quality. Second, behind the consumer's pursuit of a brand is identity recognition.

As a new high-end brand under Chery, Exeed has a reputation for quality.

But when it comes to whether it can bring consumers a sense of identity, how does Exeed as a brand-new brand do it? This also depends on the positioning of the Exeed brand, which is different from the trapezoidal product matrix of the Chery brand. The high-end label of the Exeed brand is clear, and the brand goal of Exeed is also clear-to resonate with consumers' car needs.

In terms of the appearance that young people are most concerned about, the front grille of Exeed TXL adopts a horizontal borderless design, and the wide front center net runs across the entire front face of the new car. The five English letters of "EXEED" adopt the design of "breathing light", which is quite eye-catching after being lit, and the recognition degree has soared. There is even a sense of sight of future cars. This design is also easier to attract the attention of young people.

In addition, the upgraded new Lion4.0 system, the car has a number of black technology intelligent applications such as face recognition and voiceprint recognition. The full lineup of the new car is equipped with AR enhanced real-time navigation as standard, which greatly improves the convenience of the driver. It can be said that it has won the hearts of contemporary young consumers.

Whether it's a younger and more technologically-sense appearance or a high-end, atmospheric and calm interior, it closely matches the needs of modern young consumers for cars.

The value system built by joint venture brands is facing collapse. The new generation of young people is not the only joint venture brand to follow. When choosing a brand, they often find resonance based on their own needs. The Exeed brand is mainly for contemporary young consumers, and its strength in demand resonance and brand appeal cannot be underestimated.

Let's then talk about power. 

Judging from the strong technical background of Chery's special engine, the power of Exeed TXL does not need to be repeated.

Exeed TXL is equipped with a self-developed 1.6TGDI engine, which is matched with a high-efficiency 7-speed wet dual-clutch gearbox developed by Getrag, which can reach a maximum output of 145kW and a maximum torque of 290Nm, and meet the National VI emission standards.

The performance of this engine is the strongest in its class, directly comparable to the performance of luxury brand engines.

Finally, safety. 

Since the launch of the Exeed brand, its safety has been compared with Volvo by industry experts. Safety is also one of the important labels of its brand.

In the results of the second batch of C-NCAP evaluation models announced by the China Automotive Technology and Research Center on August 29, the Exeed TXL was awarded the "Five Star+" safety rating with a combined score of 93.6%, ranking No. 1 among all medium-sized SUVs. One.

This is all thanks to its M3X platform, which was jointly developed by Chery and Magna. It is worth mentioning that Magna is also a platform supplier shared by luxury brands such as Mercedes-Benz and BMW. At the beginning of the design, the M3X platform incorporated the highest safety standards into the Exeed gene, which not only met the domestic C-NCAP crash safety standards, but also developed targeted global safety standards for EuroNCAP, IIHS, and FMVSS.

In terms of active safety, Exeed TXL uses the industry's advanced Active Safety System (ADAS) and Bosch's latest ESP 9.3 system to reduce the probability of accidents. After tens of thousands of careful tests by engineers and the dual-cylinder dual-piston floating brake caliper design, the braking distance of Exeed TXL at its speed of 100 km/h is only 36.5 meters.

Exeed TXL uses a large amount of high-strength steel with a tensile strength of 1500MPa, and the coverage ratio of high-strength steel in the body structure is 78%. When the vehicle rolls over, the body can withstand an impact load of more than 10 tons is also able to achieve ultra-high safety One of the main reasons for test scoring. In addition, functions such as PSC, LDW with pedestrian recognition, and rear preloaded force-limiting seat belts also provide users with a safer escort.

Independent brands such as Exeed that armed with safety genes into teeth can hardly find a second one, and among the ranks of joint venture brands, the price of corresponding equipment models discourages consumers.

In order to build the Exeed brand, Chery used all its housekeeping skills, and the results did not disappoint everyone. On the contrary, the price range of Exeed TXL makes us feel the sincerity of the Exeed brand again. If the guide price of 13.99-17.59 million yuan is worth asking, I think it is worth it!

The era when joint venture brands dominate has passed. In the SUV segment, independent brands basically account for more than 55% of the share. Compared with joint venture brands, the advantage is obvious. This is the best time for independent brands to overtake joint ventures. The autonomous high-end SUV that focuses on young consumers in the mid-size SUV segment still lacks effective competitive models, or there is no model that can truly penetrate the soul of consumers, and the Exeed TXL just makes up for it. Relying on people-friendly pricing and product power beyond the same level, the high-end self-owned brand, mainly Exeed, is breaking the monopoly of joint venture brands in high-end vehicles with its real power.

Editor:Liao Haiwei