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About Leapmotor, you need to know these.

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When the ranks are equal and the strengths are evenly matched, the two sides with advantages and disadvantages will have a competitive relationship. What is even more embarrassing is that in most cases, the party in the lower position is also upset or angry for the other's indifferent reaction.

In 2003, Zhejiang Dahua Technology Co., Ltd. began to form a chip team. Since then, it has made rapid progress in the field of security and has become a leader in this field. Because of its own core technology, it has built dozens of chip products and successfully accumulated successful experience in independent research and development of smart chips, which will lay a solid foundation for smart mobile travel in the future. Backed by Dahua's R&D capabilities, Leapmotor began to gradually move on track. In the past September, the sales of Leapmotor T03 models exceeded 1,000 units for the first time.

When it comes to the new automakers that have emerged in recent years, whether you are an ordinary consumer or an insider, you can name a few hot-selling brands, NIO, Leapmotor, Xpeng, WM. First of all, they have good sales. There is no doubt about this. It has indeed established a good reputation for domestic brands to become famous. Secondly, their leaders have more or less stories and topics, which have contributed to brand marketing and product promotion. In contrast, in October 2018, Leapmotor's stated goal of "launching three new cars in three years" may not be convincing. On the one hand, because in the capital market, only oneself knew his own strength, on the other hand, the leader of Leapmotor Zhu Jiangming was more like a technician than a leader, so the automaker naturally received less active attention from the outside world. In January 2019, Leapmotor announced that it would launch the self-developed autonomous driving chip "Lingxin 01", which will be installed in subsequent products. At this time, the new energy vehicle market is still mixed. It was not until 2019 that car sales fell and the superimposed impact of COVID-19 in 2020 that car practitioners realized the seriousness of the situation.

It is no exaggeration to let "survive" be selected as the hot word of the year in 2020. This year, it is worth remembering for all participants in the auto industry. Optimization, layoffs, and austerity are the "survival" methods for most companies. On October 27, 2020, Leapmotor announced in Beijing that the self-developed intelligent driving chip "Lingxin 01" has been completed and will be installed in the new model C11 for the first time. The car will make its global debut at the Guangzhou Auto Show next month.

Looking back at the product planning made by Leapmotor at the press conference that year, they were all completed on time and fulfilled their promises at the time.

In the view of Leapmotor founder and chairman Zhu Jiangming, intelligent driving is the commanding height of electric vehicles in the future. The new four modernizations of new energy vehicles are the future trend. Among them, intelligence, interconnection, and electrification are all related to technology, and electrification and interconnection will produce homogeneity in the future, because electronic control and the motor system does not have high technical requirements. And intelligent driving is a never-ending process that involves safety. It is a perception system, and its safety and reliability are a process that needs to be continuously improved. Intelligence is the real battlefield, where chips and systems are the top priority.

As the first automotive-grade AI intelligent driving chip with completely independent intellectual property rights in China, Lingxin 01 CPU processor adopts the "Xuantie C860" of Ali’s Pingtou Semiconductor Company, integrated high-performance AI neuron processor, and the overall energy consumption is more Lower, more open, safer and more reliable.

At the same time, the Lingxin 01 chip can use PCIE cascading technology to realize the combination of multiple chips to form a computing platform, provide more powerful AI computing power, and support access to 12 cameras to achieve 360° panoramic view, automatic parking, ADAS domain control, and proximity L3 level automatic driving function.

It is reported that Leapmotor C11 covers the entire intelligent driving system from the chip level and adopts a complete set of intelligent driving solutions with completely independent intellectual property rights. Among them, the chips, core components, and vehicle electrical architecture are all independently developed by Leapmotor, which is more open and can quickly respond to adjustments and optimizations in the intelligent driving system. At the same time, users can enjoy fast iterative vehicle OTA and software optimization functions.

"Lingxin 01 has reached the first-class technical level on the basis of hardware. Leapmotor will continue to increase investment in software algorithms and will fully surpass Tesla in the field of intelligent driving in the future." Zhu Jiangming said that Lingxin 01 plans to take the lead on Leapmotor C11 Applications will also be open to other companies in the future.

As the Chinese saying goes, "If you have surplus grain in your hand, you will not panic in your heart." In an era where competition and opportunity coexist, the surplus grain in your hand is undoubtedly its core competitiveness and a more critical underlying core technology. Keep these firmly in your own hands, and you will not be helpless to deal with competition.

Perhaps in the near future, Leapmotor will become the leader of the automotive industry.

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