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Analysis on the competitiveness of Chery ARRIZO 5 PLUS

From:Internet Info Agency 2020-12-30 16:54:20

Chery Automobile has brought us many new cars in recent years. Among them, there are many star products that are sought after by consumers, such as the Tiggo 8 series. It also makes us look forward to the next new model. After the Tiggo 8 PLUS went on sale for a while, Chery finally brought us a new product-ARRIZO 5 PLUS. On December 18, 2020, this new car officially ushered in the market. A total of 8 models were launched. The price range is 69,900-9.99 million yuan.

As the facelift model of Chery ARRIZO GX, Chery ARRIZO 5 PLUS shoulders an important mission. In order to cater to the diversified car purchase needs of young consumers, the new car offers a double-shaped front face design to choose from, giving people a refreshing feeling. Next, let’s take a look at whether Chery ARRIZO 5 PLUS can become a qualified "successor" and how competitive is it?

Various industries have been affected by the epidemic this year. Chery ARRIZO GX's sales performance can only be said to be quite satisfactory. Since the domestic epidemic has gradually stabilized, sales have also improved to a certain extent. In November, sales exceeded 4,000 units. In recent years, the price gap between independent brands and joint venture brands has become smaller and smaller. Many types of products have even overlapped, making independent brands more and more difficult to sell. The same is true for cars below 10 yuan. If they do not make changes, they will be eliminated by the market, so ARRIZO 5 PLUS came into being.

Among the self-owned brands, there are many models in the price range of ARRIZO 5 PLUS, such as Geely Emgrand and Roewe i5, which are all considered popular models. For example, Geely Emgrand, which sold 23,400 units in November, which is already considered among independent brands. It's quite impressive, but it's still far away from joint venture brands at the same level. For example, Nissan SYLPHY, the sales champion of the compact class, sold 65,300 units in November, a huge gap.

Joint venture brand products can have good sales, the main reason is that the brand is more influential, and many models will be adjusted locally based on the Chinese market. In contrast, the market for compact cars with self-owned brands of less than 100,000 yuan gives people the impression that the main price advantage is, and there is not much newness. But this time, Chery has made some changes to make ARRIZO 5 PLUS more eye-catching.

Arrizo 5 Plus uses a double front-end design. One is a polygonal grille with multiple chrome-plated strips inside, and the other uses an "X"-shaped front end, like a cut diamond. And Arrizo GX has only one front-end design. Although it is generally young and fashionable, it does not give consumers a choice.

Although the grille shapes of the two models are different, both of them are integrated with the LED headlights, which expands the visual width of the front of the car and makes the overall visual center lower, in line with the current aesthetic trend.

All models of Arrizo 5 Plus are LED daytime running lights and automatic headlights. LED light source headlights and adaptive high beam lights appear in the high-end models.

The styles of the rear parts of the two cars are similar. The taillights are designed in a polygonal shape and are connected by a decorative strip with the Chery logo. The exhaust pipe is distributed with two on both sides, although it is only a decoration, but with the rear bumper, the overall vision is outstanding.

For independent brands, especially compact cars with relatively low prices, the double front face design can be said to be very attractive, meeting different consumers' needs for appearance.

The interior style of Arrizo 5 Plus is simple, the most conspicuous is the 10.25-inch central control screen, which is much larger than the 9-inch on Arrizo GX. Chrome-plated decoration is used around the center control screen, with an air-conditioning panel combined with a knob and touch control, and the overall sense of technology is full. Except for the two models with the lowest configuration, which are black, the remaining models are all red and black or black and gold.

The car-machine system is equipped with the Lion 3.0 intelligent interactive system, which supports AI face recognition, OTA software upgrades, online music, information, weather, location, real-time online GPS high-precision map dynamic navigation, and APP intelligent remote control.

In order to deal with the bad air environment, the car is equipped with AQS, including negative ion air purification, N95-level germ air conditioning filter, integrated MAX front defrosting, and cabin self-cleaning.

Except for the two low-profile models, all other models are equipped with a 10.25-inch LCD instrument panel.

In terms of standard configuration, Chery ARRIZO 5 PLUS performs very well, even for entry-level models, the configuration is also very rich, LED daytime running lights, 10.25-inch central control screen, front USB interface, fixed speed cruise, one-key start And keyless entry and other functions make this model very competitive.

Chery ARRIZO 5 PLUS provides options of 1.5L naturally aspirated and 1.5T turbocharged engines. Among them, the 1.5L naturally aspirated engine has a maximum power of 85kW and a peak torque of 143N·m. The 1.5T engine has a maximum power of 115kW and a peak torque of 230N. ·M. In terms of transmission, the engine is matched with a 5-speed manual or a 9-speed CVT gearbox. Compared with Geely Emgrand, ARRIZO 5 PLUS has a huge advantage in power parameters. Compared with Roewe i5, although the parameters are slightly worse, the gap is not distinctive.

Author: As the facelift ARRIZO GX, ARRIZO 5 PLUS body allows us to see the many highlights at Chery intentions for this model. In terms of design, it can be said that there is no product of the same level that has such a novelty, and it has done enough in terms of technological configuration. Combined with its starting price of 69,900 yuan, this model is full of competitiveness in the market segment.

In today’s highly competitive domestic market, Chery wants to achieve better sales results. It is also very important for the marketing of this new car. In the Internet age, product strength alone is not enough. Excellent products require many aspects Only with balance can there be better sales results.

Editor:Liao Haiwei