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Great Wall Motor enters the chip industry

From:Internet Info Agency 2021-02-09 13:57:44

Great Wall Motor (GWM) and Horizon Robotics signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement, focusing on advanced assisted driving, high-level autonomous driving and smart cockpit directions, jointly exploring automotive smart technology, developing market-leading smart car products, and quickly deploying autonomous driving, smart networking, etc. Intelligent core technology accelerates the development and mass production of smart cars.

IIA learned that Great Wall Motor Co., Ltd. (GWM) has completed a strategic investment in Beijing Horizon Robotics Robotics Research and Development Co., Ltd. (“Horizon Robotics”), a leading automotive smart chip company in the industry. Since then, it has marked GWM' formal entry into the chip industry. GWM will develop rapidly in the chip industry through strategic investment, strategic cooperation and independent research and development.

According to the cooperation agreement, the two parties rely on their respective advantages in the automotive and artificial intelligence fields, through the integration of multiple fields of business, and actively explore intelligent and networked automotive technologies, and develop market-leading intelligent and networked automotive products to achieve common development.

At the R&D level, Great Wall Motors can rely on its leading technology and development experience in the field of automobile manufacturing. At the same time, Horizon Robotics exerts its strengths in the fields of artificial intelligence, automotive-grade AI chips, visual perception, high-precision maps, and voice technology. The focus is on cooperation in ADAS, autonomous driving, smart cockpit multi-modal interaction, and software-defined cars.

At the product level, Horizon Robotics can provide a "chip + algorithm + cloud" overall smart car solution based on the needs of GWM, including smart driving AI processors, autonomous driving computing platforms, visual perception algorithms, multi-modal interaction, map crowdsourcing, and positioning to fully meet GWM's diversified needs for intelligent and networked automobile manufacturing.

GWM strategically invested in Horizon Robotics, combining GWM’s years of technological accumulation in the field of intelligence with Horizon Robotics’ leading automotive smart chips and algorithms, with the goal of co-building an intelligent networked ecosystem and industrialization development, and accelerating the advancement of technological research and development. In-depth exploration, empowering the diversified user needs of GWM intelligent networked automobile manufacturing, and accelerating the strategic pace of transforming into a global technology travel company.

Horizon Robotics was established in June 2015. It is a technology company with leading artificial intelligence algorithms and chip design capabilities. Through the combination of hardware and software, design and develop high-performance, low-cost, low-power edge artificial intelligence chips and solutions, and open up and empower partners. For intelligent driving and AIoT, Horizon Robotics can provide ultra-high cost-effective edge AI chips, extreme power efficiency, open tool chain, rich algorithm model samples and comprehensive empowerment services.

Editor:Shi Rui