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Behind the rapid advance is huge pressure

From:Internet Info Agency 2021-02-24 18:04:20

Entering 2021, new car-making forces led by NIO, Xpeng, and Li Auto are still advancing. In January, the sales growth of the three auto companies all exceeded 350% year-on-year, ushering in a good start to the auto market. But for them, as brands such as Tesla, Volkswagen and Internet giants have begun to build cars, greater challenges are coming.

2020 is destined to be an extraordinary year. A sudden epidemic has swept the world and caused severe damage to the global economy. But for China's new car-making forces, 2020 is a year full of challenges, surprises and turning points. After mass production, delivery to the market, and quality and service tests, new front-line car manufacturers have ushered in new highs in sales and stock prices.

In 2021, new car-making forces led by NIO, Xpeng, and Li Auto are still advancing. In January, the sales of the three auto companies all exceeded 350% year-on-year, and Xpeng's growth rate was even as high as 470%, ushering in a good start to the auto market. But for them, it is far from time to celebrate, because greater challenges are coming.

In January, NIO Automotive delivered a total of 7,225 new vehicles, a year-on-year increase of 352.1%, setting a new high for the brand's monthly deliveries for the sixth consecutive month. Among them, NIO ES8 delivered a total of 1,660 units, NIO ES6 delivered 2,720 units, and NIO EC6 delivered 2,845 units.

In addition to sales, NIO officially launched its fourth model at the NIO Day conference held on January 9th, which is also the brand's first sedan, the NIO ET 7, further enriching its market segmentation. On February 4, NIO valued 5.5 billion yuan and repurchased 3.305% of NIO China's equity from two strategic investors through its wholly-owned subsidiary. On the same day, Hefei and NIO also signed a framework agreement to deepen cooperation. The two parties agreed to jointly plan and build the Xinqiao Intelligent Electric Vehicle Industrial Park to create a world-class intelligent electric vehicle industrial cluster with a complete industrial chain. For NIO, with Hefei as the backing, the confidence for rapid development is more sufficient.

Xpeng followed NIO and became the second largest car sales of new forces. In January, Xpeng vehicles delivered 6,015 vehicles, a year-on-year increase of 470%, setting a new delivery record for three consecutive months. Its flagship sedan Xpeng P7 has always maintained a high degree of popularity in the market, and the delivery volume has been on an upward trend, which has provided good assistance to the building of the brand image.

In terms of products, on January 7, Xpeng Automobile released a set of previews of new models. From the outline, the new model is similar to XpengP7 and should be a sedan. This new car will be gradually unveiled and delivered within this year. Xpeng founder He Xpeng said that the new model has brand-new design, technology and practical innovation.

In addition, on January 12, Xpeng also announced that it has reached a strategic cooperation with five banks in Guangdong Province. The five banks will jointly provide Xpeng with a total credit line of 12.8 billion yuan to support the business operation of Xpeng Auto and the construction of the production and sales service system. This means that Xpeng has more funds to develop new technologies this year, such as autonomous driving, and it is also of great significance to further improve Xpeng's cash efficiency and cost management.

With only one model, Li ONE, Li Auto delivered 5,379 new cars in January, a year-on-year increase of 355.8%. As of February 18, Li Auto has successfully delivered 40,000 new vehicles, setting a record for the fastest delivery of vehicles built by new forces. However, if you want to continue to grow steadily, it is imperative to expand the product matrix.

To this end, on February 4, Li Auto set up a research and development center in Shanghai, which will have more than 2,000 employees. The R&D center will be dedicated to the research and development of smart electric vehicle technology, including high-voltage platforms, ultra-fast charging technology, autonomous driving technology, and new smart cockpit technology. The official also said that the R&D center also has complete R&D capabilities for new models.

Although NIO, Xpeng, and Li Auto still maintain high growth, as more and more players enter the new energy market, the pressure they face has not weakened at all.

At the beginning of January this year, the Chinese-made Tesla Model Y announced the official price, which was significantly lower than the pre-sale price by about 150,000 and entered the price range of 300,000. The order volume has skyrocketed. In addition, news that Tesla will launch products with a price of less than 200,000 yuan are also endless. Once it becomes a reality, it will set off a bloody storm in the new energy market.

Joint venture brands are not to be outdone. In January of this year, North and South Volkswagen almost simultaneously launched its brand-new pure electric models-ID.4 X and ID.4 CROZZ, both priced between 200,000 and 280,000 yuan. Volkswagen’s accumulation of car-making experience and the brand image it has built over the past three decades in China is far ahead. It is difficult for consumers not to prefer Volkswagen models when the basic product configuration, space size and cruising range are similar.

For traditional brands, BYD, which launched its new energy market earlier, released the latest "DM-i" super hybrid system in January this year. Three models of Qin PLUS DM-i, Song PLUS DM-i and Tang DM-i equipped with DM-i super hybrid system will be launched in March this year, which is expected to have a certain impact on the new energy market, especially the pure electric vehicle market. Therefore, although taking the lead in the competition with the new car-making forces in the same period, it does not mean that NIO, Xpeng and Li Auto can sit back and relax.

Summary: As the development trend of the automobile industry, the new energy automobile industry has now risen to the height of the national development strategy. The country and localities have introduced policies to encourage the development of the new energy automobile industry to varying degrees. This is also under the impact of the epidemic. The main reason why sales can grow against the trend. According to the national plan, my country's new energy vehicle penetration rate will reach 20% by 2025. Therefore, from a macro perspective, the new energy vehicle industry is in the early stage of vigorous development of the industry and has broad prospects.

At present, although NIO, Xpeng, and Li Auto have achieved certain results, the reality is still very cruel. The brave wins when meeting on a narrow road. There are still many tough battles to be fought on the new energy track. Only by solid products and technologies, and good operations and services can we go more steadily and further. Looking forward to more surprises from NIO, Xpeng, and Li Auto.

Editor:Liao Haiwei