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Human Horizons makes new progress in intelligent mobility

From:Internet Info Agency 2021-03-09 17:45:54

In the early days of Human Horizons, many people were not optimistic, thinking that Ding Lei "only talks about ideals and does not mention making cars." Today, the first HiPhi X model of its brand HiPhi has been launched and will be officially delivered in May of this year.

When NIO, Xpeng, Li Auto, etc. entered the public view, the brand HiPhi under Human Horizons, also a newcomer, has always maintained a strong mystery. As HiPhi senior director of brand and user development Guo Tiefu said: "HiPhi does not make predictions, but takes every step down to earth."

HiPhi's first car, HiPhi X, was launched, priced at 680,000-800,000 yuan. This price set a new height for independent brand prices in the Chinese market. The top three with the new automaker are obviously not at the same level.

Compared with Li Auto’s 300,000 yuan Li ONE, NIO’s 500,000 yuan ES8, and Xpeng’s 200,000 yuan P7 price positioning, HiPhi went the other way, and its alternative play aroused doubts in the industry. At this time, someone asked: "Is HiPhi's initial positioning of a luxury brand as a latecomer just a gimmick? Secondly, will HiPhi X's ultra-high pricing really have consumers paying for it?"

Guo Tiefu believes that when everyone is declining, the market space may be even greater with a counter-thinking approach.

In the face of many mid- and low-end models on the market, HiPhi, which entered the game later, does not have an advantage in time. If it enters the most competitive field at this time, it may be difficult to occupy a place. It is not difficult to understand why HiPhi positions itself as a high-end luxury brand.

It is understood that its first new car will be delivered in May this year. The founding version of HiPhi X, which went on the market last year, has sold 3,000 units, accumulating more than 32,000 users waiting for test drive. How to transform potential users into real users in the future is a question worthy of brand thinking.

Ding Lei, founder, chairman and CEO of Human Horizons, and founder of HiPhi, said: "In the future, HiPhi will ship prototype cars to the whole country, so that more users can get the opportunity to test drive through the exhibition hall."

According to the official introduction, HiPhi is currently accelerating channel construction. The first batch of 10 HiPhi centers located in 7 first-tier cities in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Hangzhou, Chengdu, and Wuhan will be the first to open. It is expected to reach 50 in the middle of this year, including delivery by the end of this year. There are more than 100 service centers in 17 cities.

Ding Lei, who has extensive experience in traditional automobiles, knows the operation of the automobile industry very well. However, in his view, building a car is only part of realizing the dream, and the ultimate goal is to change the grand vision of mankind's future travel.

Redefining smart cars and changing the future of human travel

Human Horizons, which has also grown on the smart car track, is most notable for its strategy of "smart cars, smart transportation, and smart city", which includes technologies such as vehicle-road collaboration, autonomous driving, human-computer interaction, and four-wheel steering.

Ding Lei gave this explanation: "Starting from the needs of humanity, relying on humanized wisdom, based on the research and development of innovative smart travel technology, starting from the development and industrialization of new energy smart cars, the layout of smart transportation, and use this as the entrance Contribute to the construction of a smart city and change the future of human travel.” This means that the smart car produced by HiPhi connects the Car, the City and the Road. If it can be realized, it will be an important innovation for the automotive industry.

It is worth mentioning that HiPhi is already in the testing phase in terms of future intelligent travel, especially the important link of autonomous driving. In January 2019, Human Horizons and the Yancheng Economic and Technological Development Zone in Jiangsu Province took the lead in landing the world's first intelligent city road for vehicle-road collaborative autonomous driving. In November of the same year, the world's first vehicle-road-city integrated smart city 5G driverless transportation operation model was successfully implemented in the Artificial Intelligence Pavilion in Shanghai Zhangjiang High-tech Park.

In just a few years since its establishment, Ding Lei has made breakthroughs in automotive technology, which shows his determination to change the way of travel. However, in order to realize this great ideal, it is difficult to change with the power of one company alone.

"We have been approved as the target of support for Shanghai's strategic emerging projects, and are financed by financial allocations." Ding Lei said: "Through direct investment from a state-owned group in Shanghai's science and technology investment, what we are doing is the intelligent solution for future smart travel. The plan. This also proves that the competent authority has affirmed the strategy of the smart city and smart road."

The initial strategy has been supported by management. However, no matter how good a strategic plan is, if there is no capital behind it, it will be difficult to land in the later stage. At this media communication meeting, HiPhi also clearly responded to the internal capital operation that the outside world is concerned about.

Not using capital as a gimmick, and not rulling out listing plans in the future

As we all know, funding is particularly important for start-ups.

Since its founding, Tesla has faced many challenges of life and death due to the unstable capital chain. Whether the Human Horizons capital chain, also a new automaker, is stable has also attracted industry attention.

We must have a healthy funding plan and diversified capital support. Ding Lei said: "Our company stipulates that we will not disclose to non-related parties, nor will we use this to attract users, suppliers and employees. These are meaningless." Although companies do not worry about money, this does not mean that Human Horizons has no plans to go public in the future.

Ding said that going public is the usual only way for a company to grow and develop. Connecting to the open capital market can make the company healthier, deploy faster, and attract more resources and talents.

Summary: In the early days of Human Horizons, many people were not optimistic about Ding Lei "only talking about ideals but not making cars." Today, the first HiPhi X model of its brand HiPhi has been launched and delivered on schedule. Not only that, the brand has also planned for the distribution of the sales network. It is understood that HiPhi plans to cover the direct sales and service network of super first-tier, first-tier and core second-tier cities nationwide in the future.

Different from other new automakers, HiPhi's clear development route is full of hope and confidence. At the same time, Ding Lei's vows are gradually being fulfilled.

Editor:Mao Kaiyue